Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Andersen Family Baby Shower

My cute aunt Denise threw me the CUTEST "mustache/little man" baby shower with my Andersen side of the family! (Cole's mom's side).

I seriously couldn't get over how amaaazing it was! And hellooooo, if I didn't already know (I did), it just reaffirmed how great their taste in EVERYTHING is. (AKA, I'M SPOILED).

You know how before you go to showers, you practice being excited about ugly gifts? Hahah wait, maybe that's just me... Anyway, I didn't have to do a fake excited face once! It was all AMAZING and CUTE and I wanted to cry I was so blessed!

I tell everyone all the time, I know, but I SCORED IN THE IN-LAW DEPARTMENT SO HARD.

I love my family so much! And Seth is so lucky to get to be born into it - I had to wait 20 years!

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