Tuesday, July 21, 2015

37 Weeks + Ward Shower//

How far along? 37 weeks somehow?!?!? WHAT THE HECK?

Size of baby? The size of a winter melon...whatever that is...around 6.5 pounds!

Due date? August 10, 2015

Sleep? HOLY SHIZ HIP & BACK PAIN IS REAL. I'm really lucky to have had no back pain until this month. But maaaan is sleeping so hard! 

Morning sickness? Always.

Any other weird symptoms? His head is definitely in my pelvis. Aaaand that's where my waddling comes in. Also, I thought I peed a lot the first trimester...I WAS WRONG. I get up around 5-6 times a night to pee. And any time I walk ever I can feel his head in my pelvis. It's freaking the weirdest (AKA GET HIM OUT!)

Best moment of the week? I had an AWESOME ward baby shower! It ruled my world! OH! And we FINALLY finished up the nursery! Pictures to come.

Food cravings? All of a sudden I have cravings for sweets, which is bad, because of the whole gestational diabetes thing...at least it wasn't too bad until the very end! (My mom says I need to focus on the good things about pregnancy, so as you can tell, I'm trying my hardest hahah)


Mood? It feels like I have been laying for the past 8.5 months. It has been painful and nauseating and hard. But these past few weeks, I've felt this strong urge to get up and do stuff! I have a list of errands I want to run every day, and my cute husband always accompanies me. It's been weirdly the best!

My cute friend Rachel (since like preschool) threw me the cuuuutest police-themed baby shower with my home ward!

And now she's having a baby boy!! Can't wait for them to be friends and play with hard animals ;) (inside joke)

Hahahaha nothing makes you feel like a GIANT more than comparing your baby bumps to the tiniest human you know!

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  1. Yes our babies can be best friends and play hard animals! Best news ever!