Thursday, July 30, 2015

38 Weeks//Family Baby Shower!

How far along? 38 weeks!

Size of baby? PUMPKIN. he's like 7-7.5 lbs!

Due date? I'm being induced on AUGUST 6TH! Don't worry guys, that's only A WEEK AWAY...

Sleep? It is so rough. 

Morning sickness? I always tell my mom I have the flu. Hahah. She's like shut upppp you're just pregnant.

Any other weird symptoms? I am really, really lucky that this hasn't happened until the last week. But OH MY GOSH if he doesn't get off my sciatic nerve soon, I'm going to pull him out. It starts in my back, and shoots into my butt down to my leg...WHY IS PREGNANCY SO WEIRD.

Also, had my first "false labor" moment this weekend at the hospital...COME ON BABY SETH, help a girl out!

Best moment of the week? Family baby shower! My cutest mom ever threw it, and it was amaazing of course. Everything she does is amazing! My wonderful family from other states were also able to come for the weekend, and I loved every second of it! 


Mood? I'm REALLY excited. And REALLY nervous!

^^My great-grandma has made all of her grandkids and great-grandkids "silky blankies" for every single birth. Can you even believe that?? I'm STILL obsessed with mine (and still sleep with it). Cole is always like "GET THIS ISH OUT OF OUR BED" because it's always just in the way of everything all the time hahah but I can't survive without it. Anyway, my wonderful grandma took on my great-grandma's tradition, and made her very first one for her very first great-grandkid - baby Seth! I'm trying really hard not to use it until he gets here, but it's becoming a bit of a trial, because it's SO SOFT! It's my favorite thing.

^^One of TWO quilts my amaaaazingly wonderful mother made me! Seriously. She is already the best grandma in the world, and he's not even here yet.

AND my cute cousin Liz made Seth the funnest little monster minky blanket! He's going to be the coziest baby ever!

^^These people came from Idaho and Chicago and I wish they lived here all the time!

^^And of course my wonderful Frame family! 

5 generations (if you include Seth Ryan)

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  1. That blanket looks awesome, and what a great tradition! Congrats on your baby and hang in there! The last few weeks of pregnancy are always the WORST.