Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Baby P // Nursery Inspiration.

Baby boy's nursery is coming along very nicely!

We painted the walls a soft light gray, and scored this AWESOME Pottery Barn crib & changing table from my aunt & uncle (my family rules at hand-me-downs - I even got some clothing handed down to me from when I was a baby! whaaaaat?!)

Here is my inspiration for how the rest is starting to look :)

Animal Prints: Etsy
Frames: Dollar Store (spray painted white)

Side Table: Cole's handy work :)

Clock: Undecided, yet. Too many options!

Sheets: DwellStudio; aka, my favorite baby decor brand EVER.

Air Plants: Brush Fire Florals

Blanket: Etsy

Drum Light: Undecided

Baby Blocks: Wendy Call :)

Stuffed Bunny: JellyCat/Amazon

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