Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bumpdate//19 Weeks.

How far along? 19 weeks! 1 week away from being HALFWAY DONE BABY!

Size of baby? The size of a large mangoooo.

Due date? August 13, 2015

Sleep? I've started peeing a thousand times during the night again. Soooo sleep is...rough :)

Morning sickness? It's my constant companion, but it's no longer forcing me to stay in bed. It's really just a mild constant! So, SMALL VICTORIES!

Any other weird symptoms? I was always like, BRING ON the next symptom, because nothing will ever be worse than this nausea! But thennnn the shooting pains started. My pelvic bone is "shifting" along with my ribs. And it's CRAZY. 

Best moment of the week? Drinking Mountain Dew every day without getting sick :)

Food cravings? Peanut butter. Cauliflower. BBQ meat. Pina Colada anything.

Food aversions? SYRUP. Syrup will kill me, I'm pretty sure ;)

Gender? Little man :)

Mood? I'm...clingy. Hahah.

Planning to deliver? Orem Community :)

I posted a picture on Instagram this week in Cole's giant sweater, and people were like "OMG you don't even look pregnant!" Soooo for those people, this picture should make you feel better ;)


  1. Beat the sciatica before it begins!! Sleep with a pillow between your knees and elevate your feet. Drink TONS of water and it should help. I thought the same thing about "There can't be much worse than this nausea." But trust me, I had sciatica bad and it STILL effects me! My right hip (the side I had the sciatica on) never went back into place after delivery soooo there's that. Scott bought me a body pillow to snuggle with all night and it helped TREMENDOUSLY! But a good old fashioned pillow works too.

    1. That is soooo helpful to hear! I've been doing everything with my legs together to help. Cole got me a body pillow for Christmas, but I haven't thought I "needed it" enough to sleep with (because it takes up the whole flipping bed) but I'll DEFINITELY sleep with it now! Thanks for the great advice!