Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon Explosions.

Hate is a scary thing. Evil is a scary thing.
Living in the sheltered Utah County, it is hard for us to deal with evil acts - because we are never around them, really.
So when something like this happens, panic and chaos erupt, and we lose hope in humanity entirely, and we decide that the whole world is evil and that people are hateful and spiteful and selfish.
And sometimes they are.

But you know what? Sometimes they're not. Yesterday's event didn't make me lose hope in mankind - it made me gain more.
The people of Boston rose up, and tried to save each other without any hesitation. They didn't know if another bomb was about to go off any second. They didn't know if staying out there could mean losing their lives - they just stayed anyway. They just helped anyway.
As that first bomb went off, the police didn't run away, they ran towards the explosion. Those law enforcement men and women had families at home, and friends they weren't sure were dead or alive - but they ran towards the explosion regardless. Because people are good. And people are worth saving.

 I was especially touched by this picture. In the midst of chaos and evil and fear - this woman still believed in a God that was merciful. She still believed in a God that was saving. And that is something we know in the light - but tend to forget in the dark.

"Today, rescuers were running toward the wounded on Boylston Street in acts of true heroism -- running toward the sound of the screams. In the end, the terrorists will fail because Bostonians did not turn from their fellow men -- they turned toward them. And that is the real music of mankind." -Howard Fineman

" What every act of terror fails to understand is that Hope rises from the ashes." -Jamie, The Very Worst Missionary

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