Monday, April 15, 2013

The Ultimate Weekend.

So, I had the best weekend ever.
That's why right now I'm having a "Monday Hangover."
And no, not the kind you get from drinking too much alcohol.
The kind you get from having so much fun that you get sad and depressed on Monday sitting at Venture Data's reception desk, because you're sad it's over.

This is how my weekend went:

Friday was double-date day! Let me just tell ya, I love double dates. But only with people who are engaged or married. And we don't have many of those kinds, so I was seriously ECSTATIC to go on a date with Jared and Lachelle! 
AAAAAND. The best part is…………WE WENT LAZER TAGGING. 
I have been begging Cole to go Lazer Tagging with me since the day we started dating. But due to the fact that my Police Officer shoots REAL guns under REAL circumstances every single day - the thought of shooting harmless lazers at 12-year-old girls didn't seem so appealing to him. 
Buuuut it IS appealing to me, so he FINALLY agreed to take me. 
AND IT WAS BETTER THAN I EVEN DREAMED. Now. I'm not sure if it was ACTUALLY as fun as I think it was, or if the fact that I was rolling on the ground and running my fastest and acting as if my life was actually in danger made it more fun for me. I DON'T KNOW. Either way, I had a blast. And, mark my words, I WILL get Cole Ryan Peterson to return with me again. 
Mostly because it was fun, and partly because I am a little bit embarrassed of how badly our "team" got wooped by 12-year-old boys and teenage girls in heels, and feel as if we need to redeem ourselves.

P.S. See on my scorecard where it says Player Unit #03 killed me 003 times? That was this tiny boy with glasses. Guess how many times he killed Jared? 16 TIMES. It will never stop being funny.

My (almost) Annie Kimball had a bachelorette party on Saturday. And let me tell ya, it was the best "Utah Bachelorette Party" you will ever see. Seriously. Mormons throughout the world are about to be sooooooo jealous. (I love my friends).
We started out going to the D.I. in Provo. I have only been to the one in American Fork. But this was like a SUPER-D.I. It was absolutely giant, if you've never been there before. 
At this Super-D.I., we found Annie a wedding dress. And there is no wondering how it ended up at the D.I. Absolutely terrible.
This "find" was followed by 5 more finds of ugly "bridesmaid dresses." 
We then proceeded to have a photoshoot in our D.I. scores. 
Not just any old photoshoot, but a photosohot made-up solely of cheesy poses. 

(There are 40 more pictures where these came from @ )

It was fun to have the first "girl's day" I've had in a really long time. Especially since we haven't hung out, just US, in an EXTREMELY long time. I left the bachelorette party thinking, OH MY GOSH THERE IS HUMAN LIFE OUT THERE. It's safe to say I am going to need more girl's days in my life.

BUT I DID MISS MY HUSBAND TERRIBLY. Even though I was only away from him for 5 hours. 
So Saturday didn't end when I exited the bachelorette party. 

We made a quick appearance at Cole's cousin Heather's wedding reception. It was quick mostly due to the fact that it was outside, and it was FREEEEEEZING. But it was such a fun reception, filled with snowboard cakes and Mariachi Bands. It was LITERALLY a celebration of their marriage. Fun fun fun. 

From the Wedding Reception, we headed to Scheels. 
We love shooting. We love fishing. We love hiking. 
Yet, we'd never been to Scheels somehow. 
Walking through that door, we felt like Golumn finding the Ring.
We had hit the jackpot of things we love. 

Cole: "Stop it! Everyone is going to know it's our first time here, because you're taking a picture with the Abe Lincoln statue like a tourist!" 

Like that stopped me. 

The reason we went to Scheels in the first place, was that we thought it would be a good place for us to get some Hicktown Camo Fishing Hats for our upcoming trip to Moab. (Don't even get me started on how excited I am for that. That will have to be a whole new blog post entirely). 
There was a running section, a fishing section, a hunting section, a boating section, a tubing section, a camping section, a foot court, A FERRIS WHEEL. Literally everything your outdoorsy heart could ever want. 
But when we entered the hunting/shooting section…we were like little kids in a candy store.
I don't know if you know this about Cole, (you probably do since I tell you everything about Cole all the time), but his favorite thing in the world is shooting a gun. And, (lucky for him), it has become a hobby that I, also, have grown to love. 

So we walked into the store looking for 2 camo hats, and left the store with a sports bra, a couple exercise shirts, a shotgun, PINK ear protection, and a HOT PINK HANDGUN. I have never been so excited about a present in my whole existence.

Don't worry, we're not that couple who doesn't have any sense of money. We just decided we wanted guns more than we wanted a puppy, so we used the puppy fund. Don't judge us by that last sentence. 

The weekend ended by a wonderful day of church and family.

Honestly, this dude right here ^^^ is part of the reason I can't stay away from the single's ward. You will never, ever meet a sweeter spirit. I can't even tell you how many times he's told me how "I'm his favorite," or how "pretty I look," or how, "I'm marrying a good guy." The list goes on and on, but he literally has had something nice to say to me every time I have ever seen him, and it has saved my day quite a few times. 

This Sunday was an extra-special Sunday sitting next to my favorite Justin. It was also one that made me cry, right there during Sacrament meeting. 
We were sitting there, listening to testimony meeting, and Justin handed me a journal. It said "Justin's General Conference Journal." I opened it, and there were literally pages and pages and pages of scriptures he'd copy, notes he'd taken from speakers, and thoughts he had. And they were AMAZING thoughts, such as, "The Savior will forgive you, if you forgive others," and, "Marriage is a covenant," and many more. 
And I was just overwhelmed with the Spirit. 

Here is a boy, who is already saved. No matter what he does, he is going straight to the Celestial Kingdom. AND YET, he spends his life doing things that would get him to the Celestial Kingdom, anyway. He goes to church every weekend. He carries his scriptures around everywhere he goes. He highlights them and takes notes from them. He listens to General Conference and takes notes on the things that touch him. 
Justin Wageman is a warrior. He is a warrior who fights to earn a place in Heaven, even though his place is already reserved, and I am SO BLESSED to have such a strong, sweet spirit as an example in my life. 

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