Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Walk Of Death.

Ok. So Cole's car sucks more than anything in the world. And it keeps braking over and over again. And I would light it on fire if I could. 
Anyway, so Cole had to take my car to work on Monday.
That left me car-less.
So I had this brilliant idea that I would take full advantage of the weather, and walk to my Mom's house.
Hi. My mom's house is 11.1 miles away.
Buuuut as you can see, I was feeling a little optimistic, regardless of the distance. 

I live in Pleasant Grove. My mom lives in Alpine. I never realized this driving in the car, but you literally are inclining up a mountain the entire way there. So, the first 6 miles I was singing and skipping and waving to everyone and their dog. AND THEN MY LEGS AND BUTT STARTED TO BREAK DOWN. And it started getting extremely hard for me to keep hiking up that freaking mountain in the dirt and rocks. 

And today, my butt is rocked, my legs are owned, and the bottom of my feet feel like they are made up of one giant bruise. 

BUT. I loved the scenery. And I loved the refreshing breeze and smell of the outdoors. And I loved feeling peaceful and clearing my head and my thoughts.

SO THE POINT OF THIS POST, (besides to whine about how sore I am): 
IF ANYONE HAS ANY FUN HIKES, PLEASE SHARE THEM WITH ME. It is my new favorite thing. Thaaaaanks! Love you all to pieces. 

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