Wednesday, March 13, 2013

One Month Down; Forever To Go!

WOWWWW. I could not suck more at blogging lately. 

Wellllll it was our one month anniversary on Saturday! Even though it feels like we've been married YEARS longer than that. It has absolutely been the best month of my entire existence. 

We were trying to figure out what we have learned about each other in our first month of marriage that we didn't know when we were dating, and this is what we came up with:
1. He talks in his sleep. A lot. Every single night.
2. I can't sleep without my baby blanket.
3. He can build every and anything.
4. I wear more men's clothes than he thought. (Mostly to bed).
5. He likes to spend money.
6. I don't like to spend money.

So I guess there are a FEW things we didn't know about each other. But all-in-all, I am married to the same man I fell in love with 7 months ago. 

For our one month anniversary (yes, we're the cheesy couple that celebrates every anniversary), we went to the Cheesecake Factory! (Thanks to whoever gave us that gift card).
(Cole's first bite ever).

 I got the same thing I get every time, which is the Sweet Corn Tamales. If you have never had them, GO GET THEM RIGHT NOW. They are literally the best food I have ever had ever. 
 Cole got the Salmon. He was drooling and unable to speak the entire time he was eating. So I'm assuming it was pretty good...

The night before, we had gone to "Jack Reacher" at the Water Gardens (MY NEW FAVORITE PLACE - so cheap). Afterwards, Cole remembered he needed a few things for the Police Academy the next day, so we strolled into Macy's at midnight, because Macy's is open 24-hours, because Pleasant Grove is the best. We ended up running into his "2nd mother" as he puts it - which I was really excited about, because I hadn't met her yet, and Cole tells a story of her family daily. ANYWAY. Her husband was murdered 10 years ago. (I hate people sometimes). When I hear things like that, I get really glad that Cole has the career he has, even though I'm scared for his life a lot of the time. Because people deserve justice. I KEEP GETTING OFF TOPIC. Sorry. So she has been without him for 10 years. And she still acts as though they are still as in love as they've ever been. She still wears her wedding ring everyday, and talks about how they've "been married for 24 years now," and about how much she loves him. 

I have only been married for one month, but I'd like to think in 24 more anniversaries, I will still be as in love with Cole as she is with her husband. I'd like to think this is a love so great, that even if he left me too early, my love for him would keep growing forever even without him here. Because when I married him in the holiest place on the face of the earth, there was not a single doubt in my head that I would love him forever. And that is exactly why I chose to be sealed to him for eternity, and not just only on this earth. Because my love for Cole Ryan Peterson is never going to dim. I can tell you that on our one month anniversary. I could've told you that on our wedding day. Heck, I could've told you that after 5 days of knowing the boy. 

I love love. And I love human beings. And I am so grateful I got to witness that woman's sweet love on my one month anniversary. I can't wait to spend a million more anniversaries with my best friend laughing my head off. 


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