Monday, March 25, 2013

Opposites Attract?

Everyone is always like:
"You two are perfect for each other, he is like your exact opposite." 
"He's quiet and mature, while you're crazy and loud."
"He is the only one who could ever make you calmer, because he's so opposite of you."

And yes, Cole is very mature…except when he's not. 
Which, apparently to everyone's surprise, is ALL THE TIME. 

When I say he's my best friend, I'm being serious! I have more fun with him than I have ever had with anyone in my life. That's why I married him! All we do is laugh. Every second. Of every day.

Here are a few examples JUST from our date on Saturday.

So I guess there are some things about us that are different. I have to have 1% milk, and he has to have 2%, so we buy two different gallons of milk every time we go grocery shopping. I am constantly punching him in the shoulder and smacking his butt, and he touches me as if I could break at any second. I read so many books, I sometimes forget what is real and what's not real - and the last book he read was in Jr. High. He is absolutely in love with everything about Law Enforcement, and I am desperately afraid to touch a gun. He farts as he pleases around the house, and I can't even poop in our bathroom if he is home. He can run a mile and a half in 7 minutes, and I'm lucky if I can even run a mile and a half AT ALL.

So, yes. We are different in some ways.

But we laugh at all the same things. And we blast Newsies in the car and sing at the top of our lungs. And we slow dance in the kitchen for no reason at all, with no music at all. And we love Family Home Evening. And we could play chess for hours if we had enough time in the day. And we have booty shaking competitions. And we wrestle and play tag and sleep cuddle on accident.

I'm sure opposites attract. But I wouldn't know, because Cole is not my opposite. He's crazier and more hyper than anyone could ever imagine, and I eat up every second of it.

He just knows when it is and isn't appropriate...Something I'm not QUIIITE familiar with. But I'm working on it!


  1. I wish I could date you guys

    1. We talked it over and we decided we are willing to make an exception for you. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY KFARR.