Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Love At First…Nevermind.

Well fellow bloggers. It has come to my attention that I have not shared mine and Cole's "love story." Partly because I've been lazy. Partly because it's not that romantic and mushygushy. Partly because Pinterest has taken over my entire existence. 
WHATEVER THE REASON, not a single soul has set foot in front of my desk at work today, so I am going to spend this free-time filled with boredom and doodling writing this story instead. 


Once upon a time, I had two best friends. Their names were Mitchell and Tristan.

And they happened to come home from their missions at the EXACT SAME TIME in the EXACT SAME WEEK. I know. Crazy, right?

I dated Tristan before he left, and my uncle always wanted me to date Mitch. 
So the day after they came home, they asked me to come to Institute with them. 
I love them both so much. But I felt slightly strange sitting between two boys I could maybe potentially date?
And Chloe was like, "Watch. You'll end up not even dating either of them, and you'll meet someone new at Institute while you're with them."
We laughed our heads off for awhile. 
But I went to Institute with them, regardless of my strange feelings. 

Lesson #1 of the story: Attend your Church meetings and Institute. 
Because, to mine and Chloe's shock, I actually did meet someone at Institute.
And his name was Ammaron Patane.

And I literally have nothing but fantastic things to say about him.
He took me on lots of dates and let me drag him to my ward sport's night all the time and made me spiritually better. 
But some people just don't have that spark, ya know? 
Ammaron had this best friend.
And his name was Cole Peterson :)
And I literally never thought about being romantically involved with him once while I was dating Ammaron. It never crossed my mind. 
We would drag him to sport's night with us and force him to go on double dates with us and were always trying to set him up with girls.

Ammaron and I broke up. 
Not because we got in a fight or met someone else or anything like that.
Just because, if you're not going to end up with the person, why continue dating?
And we stayed friends. He is seriously one of my best friends in the world. I would have absolutely died at SUU if he wouldn't have been there.


Because we were friends, he would still come to my ward sport's night sometimes. 
And eventually, he even got Cole to come again one night.
And on that night, I took pictures with them. (Because I take pictures of everything).

And I went home later that night, and showed my mom the pictures. (Because I show my poor mom everything).
And she responded with: "Oh. Ammaron's friend is really cute."
And I responded with: "……….hmm."
Because I had never thought about Cole like that for even a second before.
Because he was always just "Ammaron's Best Friend" to me.
And I stared at the picture for a very long time. And I decided that my mother was right (as usual) and that Cole was beyond cute.

Ammaron brought Cole again, and afterwards, basically my whole ward went to Beto's.
Somehow, everyone ended up eating outside except for me, Cole, and Lachelle. 
And I was so annoying.
Not annoying like loud and obnoxious.
But annoying in the fact that I was giggling at everything he said and flipping my hair and touching his arm. 
Ew. Annoying in the sense that I DON'T GET LIKE THAT AROUND BOYS.
I am very calm. And very good at being comfortable and making boys comfortable around me.
But Cole had a completely different effect on me. 
One that caused me to be nervous and feel like I was completely out of my league. 

We texted all night that night.
I felt excited that I had feelings for this boy that made me nervous and different. 
And I felt guilty for having a crush on Ammaron's BEST FRIEND.

On Sunday, we decided we should go for a "Sunday drive." 
We were just driving around and listening to music,
and Cole literally had no idea that I was interested in him. 
Zero. Zip. None. 
He had seen me at sport's night a dozen times being extreeeemely friendly and happy and outgoing to everyone in the room. Because that's just my personality.
And so he thought that's just how I was being towards him; friendly and outgoing. 
He wasn't going to get his hopes up.

So he dropped me off.
And I took him not getting his hopes up, as him not being interested.
So I dropped the whole idea for awhile while I got busy.

We didn't talk for quite a bit.
Then I went to New York for my birthday. 
And in New York, I got in the position where I was literally surrounded by a freaking trillion cops.
So I sent Cole a picture.

And that caused us to start texting again, and I was mad because I still had a crush on him.

I came home and started hanging out with my ex-boyfriend of 2 years again. 
We hadn't talked in probably..8 months?
So we were catching up, and he asked me if I had a crush on anyone.
The "right" answer when your ex-boyfriend asks you if you have a crush on anyone, is "NO."
But I could not, for the life of me, get Cole off my mind. 
Because A) I felt like he wasn't interested in me in the slightest.
B) We had never even been on a date. We had never even been alone for more than that 15 minute Sunday drive.
C) He was Ammaron's BEST FRIEND.
D) We baaaarely talked. 
I shouldn't have a crush on him. 
But, regardless of all that, he was on my mind. 
So I told my ex-boyfriend I had a crush on Cole.
That infuriated him.

We went on dates for a couple weeks.
And the spark just wasn't the same anymore.
Whether it was because we had grown apart for 8 months,
because God didn't want me to date him, 
or because I had this dang unwanted crush on Cole,
But thankfully, after 2 years, I was finally done with him. 
And I felt great about it.

He didn't feel so great about it. 
And a few weeks later I was going to Cafe Rio with Jared and Lachelle. (Third wheeling fo lyyyyyfe).
And I got some dramatic text from my ex-boyfriend telling me to "HAVE FUN WITH COLE."

I hadn't talked to or texted Cole in a month or so. 
But the dang ex-boyfriend was pissing me off.
So I was like, "you know what? I WILL have fun with Cole."
So I invited him to come to Cafe Rio with me, Lachelle, and Jared. 

And a spark FINALLY started.

After dinner, Lachelle and Jared wanted to go home.
I didn't want to leave Cole yet, and he obviously didn't want to leave me either. 
So we decided to go to a movie.
We went and saw "Borne Legacy."
It is one of the lamest movies I have ever seen in my life, but the best one I have ever been to.
I will never be able to explain in words to anyone, how my crush on Cole grew a thousand times bigger during one movie.
I do not know how it happened, but during that movie, something real happened. 
 And I went home needing to be around him again.

That weekend was the Ward Luau. 
I invited him to come.
And, hi, usually he would decline and invitation to a Single's Ward Luau at a ward he wasn't even in.
But he needed to be around me as much as I needed to be around him.
So he accepted the invitation.

The only problem was, he was going to a wedding reception with Ammaron and Levi beforehand.
And we weren't exactly feeling moral about dating my ex-boyfriends best friend…
But he convinced them go to come to the Ward Luau regardless.

I care about Ammaron's feelings more than you will ever know.
I could not stop being near him.
I could not stop laughing my head off at all his jokes.
I could not stop staring at him. 
I was 100% twitter-pated and there was NO hiding it.
It is safe to say that Ammaron knew something was going on between us that night.

The Luau ended, but I still wanted to be around Cole.
So he gave Ammaron and Levi some lame excuse as to why he couldn't hang out with them longer,
and we went to his house to watch a movie.

I think I ended up staying until 4 in the morning?
We talked the entire time.
And it was the most comfortable I have ever been around a human being.
None of that nervous-giggling like before, just laughing our heads off and telling secrets and tired cuddling.

I continue to learn more and more about Cole everyday, but I left already knowing a HUGE chunk of what I know about him today. 
And I can't pin-point the exact moment I fell in love with Cole Peterson like some people can.
But it very well could have been that night.
And that is scary for me to say, even now.
Loving someone after 2 days.

We were attached at the hip after that.
It took about 3 days to transition from deciding there were feelings there, to exclusively dating.

And a lot of those days were spent helping me pack for SUU.

I don't know if the fact that we had a time-limit helped speed up our feelings, but within one week, I had more feelings for him than I had ever had for anyone in my life. 
And that is coming from a girl whose life has consisted of long-term relationships ranging from 1-2 years.

Like I said before, I can't exactly pin-point the exact moment I fell in love with him.
But I can pin-point the moment I knew that he was the one for me. 

I was at orientation for SUU.
And I had a full-blown anxiety attack.
Because I didn't want to be away from him.

I had been dating him for one week, and here I was, in public, in the middle of SUU orientation, having an anxiety attack about being away from him.

AND I AM AMANDA CALL. I live for boys and dating and meeting new people. It's my favorite thing on the planet earth.

Wrong. Cole completely changed that in one week. And for the first time in my life, I only wanted him. I tried to pack up all my stuff that day, and move home to him, but my parents had already paid tuition. 
So I was stuck.
But I was stuck with the knowledge that Cole was the one for me.
And that rocked my whole world. 

The next few months consisted of avid Skype dates,

Long distant birthday presents,

Crafts to keep me busy,

And trips to and from Cedar City.

Lesson #2 of the story: Long distance SUCKS. 
But I never went a weekend without seeing him.
He would catch rides with Lachelle or Taylor.
Or drive himself.
And I would carpool with Weston and Ammaron.

And then the weekends started turning into weeks.
And pretty soon Cedar City became the place I visited, instead of lived.

ESPECIALLY after my ex-boyfriend's best friend who made me feel giggly-nervous and comfortable all at the same time, and who invaded all my thoughts for no apparent reason at all, decided he could handle me for eternity.

And it has only gone up from there!
1. To everyone who actually read this freakishly long blog post.
2. To Tristan and Mitch for leading me to meet Ammaron.
3. To Ammaron for letting me date his best friend.
4. To my ex-boyfriend for the "HAVE FUN WITH COLE" motivational text.
5. To God for leading me to this much, much, much happier life than I ever thought possible. 



  1. Oh my goodness, You guys are two freakin cute! I Love this post. It makes me so happy. It is literally so cute that you guys are so in love! Seriously thanks for posting this. I needed to read this today! I am so glad you married Cole and that you are part of the family. PS I LOVE your hair short. So cute!

    1. You are the sweetest thing ever!! When is the next time you will be in the Provo/Salt Lake area? WE NEED TO DOUBLE. And I need to kiss that baby's cheeks!
      I'm glad you enjoyed it! I just figured no one would read it since it's so long! Haha. But you're right about the in love part ;)
      YOU DA BEST.

  2. This is the cutest thing I've ever read! And yep, I'm crying haha you deserve this more than anyone I know Amanda!! I love you so much:) ps you're the prettiest person ever. Just saying!
    -Ale Templin (Thomas) haha

    1. YOU ARE THE SWEETEST EVER!! I cannot wait until May 18th! MARRIAGE IS THE BEST! I love you so much A-Temp!!!
      (Alex Thomas sounds soooooooo good).

  3. This is the cutest thing ever! I love stalking all your pictures on insta, that is totally not meant to come off in a creeper way. You seem like the cutest and sweetest wife. Seeing all your positivity and pure love for your husband, helps to remind me to keep the spark going. xx

    1. This is the best comment ever! And hi, not creepy at all, I am the #1 queen of social network stalking - so I feel ya ;) I love your cute little family so much!