Sunday, December 9, 2012

You Make Me Happy, When Skies Are Grey.

I used to be sad a lot.
When I say "a lot," I mean every single day for a long time.

But those were the days before I met Cole.

And even though I'm a happy girl now, sometimes those skeletons come knocking at my door - and there is really nothing I can do to stop them. 

I'm being very vague. 
But all I wanted to say was how grateful I am to have someone in my life who cares this much about me. When I am sad, he uses every inch of his being to try and make it better. He literally will do any and everything to make me happy. And he always succeeds. I spend every waking minute with him laughing my head off and listening to his French impersonations and playing chess and having law & order marathons and he just makes me happy all the time. That's all.

That's all I wanted to say. 

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