Thursday, June 18, 2015


How far along? 32 WEEKS! 8 weeks doesn't sound all that far away, people...

Size of baby? Baby weighs almosssst 4 pounds, & is about 16.7 inches long! He's gaining a 1/2 pound a week now! (Even though I have nooo idea how there's enough room in there for that!)

Due date? August 13, 2015

Sleep?  It's fine! 

Morning sickness? Still pretty nauseas. Is it weird that I'm excited to be able to clean the house & run errands without being nauseas when baby is finally here? Every time I stand for an average amount of time, it hits me HARD and it's really putting a toll on my life!

Any other weird symptoms? I'm pretty sure I've told you all of it before! Except, sometimes my nose gets really swollen and is like twice as big as it normally is. Hahhahaha pregnancy is so weird, guys.

Best moment of the week? I've been able to feel him kick for awhile now. BUT NOT LIKE THIS. Like, I can see his foot move my stomach. It's freaking crazy! The other day, Cole had his hand on my stomach, and I kid you not, baby basically karate chopped him, and he was so scared hahahah. His eyes got super big & he's like "HOW DID HE GET THIS STRONG???" It's my favorite thing. 

I got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Which...isn't too fun. I get to poke myself with a needle 5 times a day and test my blood sugar. And not eat anything fun (ALL I WANT IS A SNOW CONE) But the good news is, it's always normal numbers. Sometimes I'm like "uhhh are you guys sure I really have diabetes?" But I've just been counting my carbs and cutting out sugar! The nausea & pelvic pain are really restraining me from any sort of exercise, but we've been taking Murph on some walks and counting shopping ;)

Food cravings? I have 2 cups of ice from Sonic every day. Hahaha. EVERY DAY, people. I loooove watermelon. And this week, Cole and I have been obsessed with hot dogs! I will live at J Dawgs.

Gender? BOY BOY BOY. My brother Jake gets so mad that I leave this question every week. Hahah. You never know, it could change!

Mood? It kind of hit me hard this week that he's coming soon! So I panicked and tried to get some of his nursery done! Hanging shelves is hell, as it is. And then add pregnancy. And I was basically straight out of a book of stereotypical pregnant women. Sweating like a pig, crying, yelling loud. Hahaha I wish I would've filmed myself. It probably took me 2 hours. And after those 2 hours, they all ended up crooked and uneven. Soooo Cole's going to have to help me hang them AGAIN! I'm sure he'll take like 10 minutes and be like "you're psycho". Hahaha. 

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