Monday, April 27, 2015

Police Brutality.

I'm aware that you think I am absolutely biased when it comes to police matters.
And in all reality, I am a little.
Partly because I get to be a part of a department full of light-hearted, service-oriented, in-love-with-their-jobs men.
But mostly because I have been able to watch the way my husband treats people - ALL PEOPLE - firsthand. On and off duty.

But I need you to know.
I know that police-brutality exists.
I really do.
Just like I know animal-cruelty exists.
Just like I know many teachers have taken advantage of their students this year.
Just like I've witnessed relentless bullying in school.

Does this mean I believe that everyone who owns a dog is treating them poorly?
Does this mean I believe every seminary principal is a pedophile?
Does this mean I'm going to home-school my kids, because every high school student is a bully?
Uhhh no.

I know there are cases of police-brutality that actually pan out.
But this does not mean that every police officer deserves to be despised. And rioted. And threatened. And scared to pull over a teenager at night, just in case they have a gun.

My husband loves his job.
He didn't become a police officer because he loves power, or is racist. He became a police officer because he has wanted to help people since he was in KINDERGARTEN.
He became a cop because he knew it was a heroic career.

My husband believes in people.
Can you even believe that?
In the midst of all this rioting and looting and mobbing - my husband is sweet to everyone he comes in contact with.

Every day I am scared for him.
Every night I am terrified that he is going to pull over the wrong person, and my child is going to be fatherless, and I am going to have to go through the rest of my life without the person who makes me laugh my hardest, and loves me best.

But my husband is never afraid.
Because he believes in people far more than I believe in them.

It is not ok that police-brutality exists.
I am not ok with that.

But those brutal officers are in the minority.
And you seem to be making it a habit to mistake a lot of villains for victims.

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