Saturday, November 1, 2014


If you guys know anything about me, ANYTHING at all, you know how much I love Halloween.
It is by far my favorite day of the year.

I seriously prepare for it for months in advance.
Hahahah when I think about it now, it sounds a little ridiculous, BUT I'LL NEVER STOP. 

So, here is my halloween for ya. Also, I just realized that I have posted approximately ZERO pictures of my house since we bought it, so enjoy a little of that!

I am seriously so scatter brained right now, so instead of writing, i'm just going to caption the pictures. Whiiiiich everyone seems to do anyway on blogs (which doesn't make sense to me - why not just post them to Facebook or Instagram?), but whatever.

This year I was CANDYLAND! I got all these candy ornaments from Hobby Lobby when all their Christmas stuff was on sale, helped watched mom make me this skirt, and BAM!

Cole was..a little boy playing Candyland? Hahaha. We're not a cute enough couple to have matching costumes, we just thought the mask was hilarious hahah.

We'll start with the front porch. It ended up being HILARIOUS, because little kids kept getting tangled in the strings and yelling "MOM, HELP!" Hahah. (We're going to be the worst parents). So, halfway through we started just handing out the candy on the driveway.

K, I kid you not, these boards took me at least 2 hours to make (out of foam) and you couldn't even see them once it got dark. Hahah welcome to my life. 

And OBVIOUSLY I couldn't have Halloween without my boyfriend, Bane!

Had a little cemetery action going on. I had to take all the pictures during the day, but at night we hand some seeeerious strobelightage. 

I'll be honest, kids were pretty pumped to come to our house.
Buuuut not for us. Not at all.
Strictly for 2 reasons.

1. THIS GUY + Cole's AMAZING guillotine (his skills are kiiind of a turn on). I'll post a video at the bottom, don't worry.

Kids were going crazy for them.
Get this, we bought 100, and they were gone by 7:00.
This is going to blow your mind: There are over 200 kids in my ward under the age of 12.
So the first 100 got giant Pixi Stix, and the rest got normal candy.
Kids would be like, "Excuse me, do you know where the house is that is giving out Pixi Stix?" Hahah. Poor dudes.

Murphy had to be locked in the kitchen, because apparently some people dress up their dogs and take them trick or treating. Who knew?

My awesome brother Mitch let us use his IPHONE PROJECTOR <---did you guys know that even existed?! Freaking awesome!
And after abouuuuut 3 hours of trying to figure out how to set up plastic tarps and lights and fans, our house was on fire ;)

I LOVE Halloween.
And I absolutely moved into the right neighborhood, because they love Halloween just as much as me.
The first 3 houses in our neighborhood have cars drive miles and miles to come see their attractions!
They have light shows and entire horror scenes.

A headless horseman rode around our neighborhood...ON A REAL HORSE.

This is our next door neighbors.
How awesome is that guy?!

I love Halloween.

Here's ours!

One is from my camera (but it died) so I filmed again with my phone.

But SERIOUSLY, videos just do not do it justice, whatsoever. Sooo hard to see.

I love Halloween.

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  1. okay sooo awesome. love your costume! and you seriously did go ALL out hahahah! love it!