Monday, October 27, 2014


The key to a good life? Watching your brothers play sports. 
The key the ultimate greatest life on Earth? Watching your brothers PLAY EACH OTHER in sports. 

Flag football + the new "Monday Game Night" Chan has put together has made Mondays my absolute favorite day of the week. 

HOLY, you guys. I love both my families so much!

P.S. You haven't worked hard until you've had to stop Murphy from running onto the field to kiss his 2 favorite humans in the world. Almost impossible. Almost.

My mom was like, "Oh, how long have Chandler and Kenzie been dating?"
I'm like "Uhhhh they're more married than even I am."


But she can't enter the family until she kisses Murphy on the lips.
We've all come to the agreement. It's a must.

I had a panic attack (in a good way) when they were guarding each other!
I'll say it again: best day ever.

K, but seriously, I don't know how Ty's legs are this long.
He's not even a human.

But he did inform me that he's the most coordinated and smartest one in the family before this game.
Hahahah. I hate him.


(had to snap one of ty's BFF jake)

K, I know you shouldn't base anything off your dog, but the Murphy + Chan duo has convinced me that Chan is going to be the ULTIMATE uncle of all-time, and it melts me.

Every time I try to take an ugly picture of my brother, it ends up like this. 
I hate him.

Also, yes, Murphy IS this big. Don't ask me how.

He's just the freakin' cutest.
And he doesn't know he is, so it makes him even cuter.

#nofilter & this is why I'll never leave Utah, ever.

'Sup touchdown?!

'Sup luscious locks?!

But seriously, this 8 month old cuddly, happy puppy is the best decision Cole and I ever made.
At least once a day we tell him that.
And don't even try to tell me that he doesn't understand, because he seriously is a tiny (well, massive) human. He understands all my words!

And this cuddly, kid-at-heart husband is the best decision that I ever made.

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