Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Uncle Toby & 'The Mask' Running.

The last few days, we have slowlyyy been introducing Max and Callie to Murphy.

The first day, we brought Murphy in his crate, and left him in there while Max and Callie sniffed him and tried to figure out what he was.

We then let him out to play with Max, and let me tell ya, he is OBSESSED with Max. And he's the size of Max's head. [pictures to come]

So Max and Murph have been friends since day 1.

When we got Callie as a puppy, she was SERIOUSLY shy. That's kind of a scary characteristic in a dog. She is the sweetest dog in the world around our family. She licks my face until I can't breathe anymore, and no one will ever be excited to see me as Callie always is. But she has, what you would call, "fear-aggression". Because she is shy, and because she has really only ever been around our family and Max, anything unfamiliar to her scares her to death. And it's a fear that comes hand-in-hand with barking and growling and lunging.

So, the first time we brought Murphy to be around her, everyone made me leave the room. Because I was freeeaking out, and dogs can sense when you feel uncomfortable.

But she just sniffed his crate and tried to open the gate with her teeth and ran over to him every time he whined.

So I thought, "Oh, maybe she's being motherly to him. Maybe it's instinct."

So, yesterday we decided to let Murphy and Callie be in the same room without the crate. She just has never been around another dog in her life. So she doesn't quite no what to do with him. Her body goes stiff and she won't look at anyone in the eye. Those are bad signs when it comes to aggressive dogs, but she never tries to attack him. She bites his ear [I have no idea why] and mouths his neck when he nips at her. But mostly she just stares at him.

So we're still in the process of deciding if she is intrigued by him, or if she is plotting to eat him the second my dad leaves the room. 


But, whether she wants to eat him or not, that doesn't stop Murphy from trying to play with her and jumping up on her and licking her face. He is the most social dog in the world, who apparently has an unlimited amount of trust towards freakishly giant dogs he's never met before. I love that about him, though! I love that he just seriously loves people and dogs and affection. Max was never an affectionate dog, so it's been complete heaven having a puppy who will cuddle me and have one paw on me at all times. He better stay like this forever!

He's a mama's boy and he knows I know it.

After we "socialized" Callie and Murphy [or whatever you would call that thing Callie was doing], we went outside to play with uncle Toby. And can I just say, Toby is the ultimate puppy uncle. For real! I don't know if it's because he is 12-years-old and has the same amount of energy as Murph. Or if it's because they're both the happiest things I have ever come into contact with? But they're BFF's. And I eat it up. We're really lucky Petersons!

And please enjoy the GOOFIEST RUNNING dog of all-time. He legitimately looks like that dog from "The Mask" every time he starts to sprint.

He may be a mama's boy, but whoever came up with "Man's Best Friend" is a genius. They're obsessed with each other. Murphy can't sleep unless his nose is touching Cole's nose.

Oh, and ladies? If you want to know what kind of dad your husband is going to be, buy him a puppy.

He will never drink out of his water bowl without digging in it, and I will never be able to take a picture of him without him being at least a little bit soaking wet.

He is the most work I have ever had to do, and also the best decision Cole and I have ever made. Guys, we love him so much. And it really is unconditional. We smile and watch him as he gnaws on the couch, let him lick our faces after he's just eaten dirt, find ourselves leaving work a little earlier every day to kiss him to death, and we all have sleepovers in the Family Room, even when Cole has work at 5 in the morning. 

Please stay little forever!!!

Speaking of that, can we talk about how much he has grown in the [almost] 2 weeks we've had him?!

Yeahhhh we underestimated how quickly we're going to need to get out of this tiny apartment...

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