Sunday, March 23, 2014

Baby Brooklyn + The Taylors.

Can I just start out by saying: MARRIED FRIENDS ARE THE BEST.
It's so fun to have friends that Cole and I are both equally friends with.

And we really never even have to plan anything.
Aren't those the best kind of friends?
We just eat candy and watch March Madness and play with Brooklyn and laugh our heads off.
Pure heaven.

We love Britt and Riley.
And we are absolutely IN LOVE with Brooklyn.

We don't have many "babies" in either of our families.
I mean, there are a couple toddlers, but no babies to snuggle.
So snuggling Brooklyn is something we take full advantage of!

The first time we met Baby Brooklyn, we walked into the hospital room, Cole took one look at her, and said: "OKAY, we're having one."

Yesterday, as we took Brooklyn out of her car seat, guess what Cole's words were again?
"OKAY, we're having one."

People say babies change things. They change friendships and marriages.
And everyone starts to fade apart.


Brooklyn makes everything so much better, and we're lucky to be such good friends with the Taylors!
We love hanging out with no one more.

Riley was joking about taking a family picture spooning in the giant chair.
So I really made them take one...(huge surprise there).
But they're the best looking family ever. 

I'm not kidding, Brooklyn was LOVING March Madness.
So much focus.

We thought it was so funny how tiny she looked in our giant chair.


I've never seen Cole so in love with a human being before.
He would not give her back so they could leave.

Already got that Lehi Pride of course ;)

These next 2 pictures are my #1 favorites.
Because Brooklyn was 100% mimicking Cole's faces. 

She doesn't get much attention from the boys...

 I get to have that be the father of my kids!
They're going to be so lucky.

My poor future kids are going to become permanently blind from so much camera-flash.

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