Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I see all these newlywed couples who are so eager to get to the next step.
They get married, and move into an apartment.
After only a couple months in the apartment, they decide they need a house.
After buying the house, they decide they need a dog.
So, just a year into marriage, they have a permanent house, a dog, a baby on the way, and it really just isn't about the two of them anymore.

You know? Instead of focusing on each other, and making the "NOW" happy, they become obsessed with the future, and miss out on the "NOW".

Lately, I have been so unbelievably happy with where I am in life.
I love Cole so much, and I am so grateful for the non-stop "Cole-Time" I am lucky enough to have.

I am in no hurry to get to the next level; I am in looove with this level.

Someday, we're going to make really good parents.
And we're going to love the crap out of some pretty cool kids.

But that day is not today. So today I'm going to focus on Cole, and only Cole.

"Wherever you are, BE ALL THERE."


  1. what a good reminder! you are darling!

    1. Okay, I just discovered your blog, and you're the cutest thing ever!
      Immediately followed :)
      Thanks for your sweet comment!