Saturday, January 11, 2014


The beginning of 2014 has been spent at my family's house, and I have been loving every second. 

I'll never stop telling you guys how lucky I feel to live in Utah, in this phenomenal snow.
And I'm even luckier to have 2 family members who are so overly excited to play with me.

Can we just talk about their eyes for a second?
View the above pictures^^
Notice how Max is staring at my hand, and Callie is gazing into my hand.
...This explains them both to a Tee.
Max is always hungry, and Callie is always attention hungry.
Hahahah. I love them so much.

We ended the week playing laser tag with my brothers and their friends (to keep my mind off the fact that Jake now lives in Virginia - I don't want to talk about it), and I can't remember the last time I had that much adrenaline. Hahaha I LIVE TO SHOOT LITTLE BOYS WITH LASERS. 
But on a side note, (excuse the iPhone quality), I love BYU. You guys know that. The Calls are #1 BYU fans.
I do not love BYU students.
I do not love Provo.

BUT, still doesn't take away any of my love for Utah!

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