Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DENY Designs. (For the 100 people who asked me in messages).

I am as cheap as they come.
I buy all my clothes at Ross, all my makeup and Walmart, and just can't cough up enough money to buy some hairspray that actually smells good.
I mean, I couldn't even get myself to buy $10.00 pillows, for pete's sake.
Instead, I bought some fabric and literally WINGED IT.
It's not that I don't HAVE money. 
Cole and I both have full-time jobs, no kids, and that leaves us with excess spending money. 

I just was raised by Wendy Call. 

But, on very, very, very rare occasions, I find something I just have to have, regardless of the price-tag. 
This shower curtain happened to be that rare occasion:

Now, I got this shower curtain on SALE for $60.00.
They are usually $90.00-$100.00. So I got a pretty good discount.
But STILL. $60.00 on a shower curtain?
That is UNHEARD of, in this little Peterson family of 2.

If you're wondering if it was worth it, let me just say:
We have a bathroom INSIDE of our bedroom. It is literally steps away.
...We now both get ready in the guest bedroom, where this shower curtain is.
I know it's a sin to "lust after objects" BUT LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY.

And it's not even just THIS shower curtain.
Let me just show you reaaaal quick why it took me ONE HOUR to choose one. 


Because I am Mr. Krabs when it comes to money (holla at your Spongebob joke), Cole has spent a good majority of our marriage trying to engrave this simple concept into my brain:

I stand by my bargain shopping...most of the time. But my financially brilliant husband does have a point. You can buy a nice washer once, or you can buy a crappy washer 20 times. It adds up in the end.

I mean, sometimes this concept is bull.
You find the perfect Halloween Costume online.
You pay $50.00 for it.
You're so excited. Checking off shipping days on your calendar.
Then it gets here, and you're like: "Wait...why is this made out of tissue paper?"

Because the Halloween Costume industry has given me serious Online-Shopping-Trust-Issues, I was a little scared to spend (what to me is) SO MUCH MONEY on something, that could turn out to be a piece of plastic with a sticker on it. You know?

But apparently the Shopping Gods DO bless me every once in awhile, because LO AND BEHOLD, I got what I paid for.
You guys, the fabric is AMAAAZING.
If we get our bedroom shower curtain wet, it stays wet for 2 days. Not kidding.
We once had a silly string war in our house - the shower curtain has never been clean again.
This material is freakin' bullet proof.
I'm in love.

BUT, even with my discount, I still get a stomach ache looking at the price.


1. DENY Designs (denydesigns.com) is currently having "The 12 Days Of Holiday Sales".
Ya heard right. A new sale every day.
Today it is 30% off throw pillows.
And, to answer your question, YES, they are as cute (if not cuter) than the shower curtains.
And don't even get me started on the clocks.
And, if I understand correctly, you also get 10% off for signing up for their email list.
I mean, I'm not a math-whiz, but 40% off sounds pretty freakin' good to me. 

2. There is this wonderful site addiction called ZULILY.
It is maybe the best thing to ever happen to me.

It's not like those discount sites that give you "knockoff" versions of the real product.
It gives you ACTUAL REAL LIFE sales on all of the BEST brands.

I don't even have a baby, and I have ACTUALLY purchased baby clothes off Zulily, simply because I could not physically pass up such a killer bargain.

On Zulily, I "favorited" DENY Designs, so every time they get a shipment of discounted DENY, I get emailed. How great is that?

It's safe to say I get 30 emails a day for all the sales I have "favorited".
Bargain Shopping Addiction at it's finest!

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