Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

Fine, not Christmas.

In all reality, it's beginning to look like a tornado, and I hate it.
Snow? Love.
Chilly Crispy Air? Love.

Let me just start out by saying, I love Thanksgiving.
Like, I think I have literal romantic feelings for it.

I love going to Central Valley and shooting guns with Cole's extended family.
What else do I need?

But let's face it: Thanksgiving candy SUCKS.
Like, really? I get to choose between Candy Corn and Gummy Pumpkins?
Gee, thanks...

So, though I'm in love with Thanksgiving - Christmas was forced to come a little early this year at Venture Data. (Yes, this is the best part of my job)

Sidenote: Getting REALLY sick of this Iphone 4 camera. If you can even call it a "camera".

Little Tippy: Michael's has great prices for a lot of stuff. One of them being fabric. Want to know what it doesn't have good prices on? CANDY. Never, ever, ever, ever buy your candy there. $100.00 later, here I am.

Little Tippy #2: GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT! Michael's takes Hobby Lobby coupons. Hobby Lobby App, I will kiss you on the lips.

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