Monday, November 18, 2013

Amanda Fun Facts.

So I was tagged in this thing on Facebook that says I have to tell some random facts about myself that most people might not know.

I decided to do it on here, because it's just more fun that way. ;)

1. I have the tinsiest amount of OCD - but it's still OCD, nonetheless. I don't think my closet has ever been clean. ...Ever. (My mom likes to remind me of that when I mention OCD, because she is Monica Gellar). When you picture OCD you picture someone scrubbing the bathroom until their hands are bleeding, or having to turn the lights on 11 times before exiting the room - right?
Yeahhhhh, not me. 
But, I do have "Writing OCD". I cannot, will not, physically can't scribble a word out. If I am writing a grocery list, and miss-write a word, I will start over on a new paper. Even doodling at work. If I color out of the lines of my pen drawings, I will start over. 

2. I pretty much spent my entire senior year driving around in my Volkswagon Bug with Kenzie and Melissa. 
Because of that, my entire senior year also consisted of watching Kenzie and Melissa fight-to-the-death for "shotgun". So we decided to print off the "Rules Of Shotgun" and tape them to my ceiling. One of the rules happened to be: "Anyone dressed as a pirate automatically gets shotgun."
Melissa wore a Pirate Eye-Patch to school every day for the rest of the year.

3. As you all know (way too well) I pretty much worship the ground Cole walks on. I have explained (in way too many details) over and over again why I do. But, part of the reason is because I dated some boys that make Cole look like a freaking angel. (I will not name names because I feel enough embarrassment for them, for all of us combined). I once dated a boy who tried to convince me he could see the future. No, he was not kidding (trust me, I tried to laugh it off). He once told me he "saw me" in a "vision" before he met me. I don't know if that was his attempt at being romantic, or what, but I was so uninterested in WHATEVER he was trying to do, that he eventually stopped talking about it forever. (Go figure).
...Sometimes my life is a TV show. 

It makes me dry-heave, I don't know why.
But what I do know, is that my kids will never own fleece pajamas. (You're welcome in advance, future posterity).

5. I think the worst thing to ever happen in the history of the Earth ever, is Maroon 5.
When Adam Levine comes on the radio, my left eye twitches. It's like Classical Conditioning or something, I don't know.
All I know, is that when I hear him start singing "I Am In Misery", I am indeed in misery. 

6. It's probably a really good thing that TV series spread their episodes apart during seasons. You know, like 1 per week, or whatever.
This is why: I once watched How I Met Your Mother so many hours/days/weeks in a row, that I had to pray not to think about it before I got out of the car to go marry Cole. 

7. Months after I married Cole, we found out we had a Facebook message in high school arguing about baseball. Hahahha. God's timing is perfect ;)

8. One of the only talents I have, is writing. I write papers for fun, and volunteer to check for grammatical errors in people's essays. For the ACT, I stayed and took the writing portion. I got a 10/12. Cole mixes up "you're" and "your" when texting me, to this day. He got an 11/12 on the writing portion of the ACT. He'll never let me forget it.
I always beg him to duel me in a Practice ACT.

9. I once went to a movie with my family. After it was over, I could not, FOR THE LIFE OF ME, find my car-keys. We crawled under ever seat, looked under every row, summoned every employee. Nothing. ...3 hours later, I walked outside to my running car.

10. My favorite movie is a tie between "A Beautiful Mind" and "The Dark Knight." But I have seen the movie "Holes" more than anyone has ever seen any movie ever. I fell asleep to it every night for 2 years. 

11. I sometimes don't emotionally follow movie plots like I am supposed to. For example: In "The Dark Knight Rises", I desperately wanted Bane to beat Batman. Cole and I saw "Captain Phillips" a couple weeks ago. I wanted nothing more than for those pirates to shoot Tom Hanks in the head, and escape home. I DON'T KNOW.

12. My eye-sight is a little...fine, I'm pretty freakin' blind. Chances are, if you've ever waved at me, I've waved back without knowing who the freak I'm waving to. I've almost died multiple times driving at night. Yesterday at church, I thought my great-grandma was sitting in the foyer. I jumped on someone at my wedding who wasn't who I thought it was, and didn't actually know me. I have to stand one foot away from the TV to change the channel. ...You get the picture.

13. There are a lot of things I'm afraid of (paranoid/hypochondria/too much Law&Order). But the one most people probably don't know, is Potato Sprouts. I don't want to talk about it anymore, I went to google to post a picture of it here, and I can't do it.

14. I once won a bunny from a 4th of July race in Salina. I named it Patches. My mom hated its' guts. Every time she would let it out of it's cage, it would run straight under her bed and poop everywhere. She told me she "dropped it off at a farm." (We all know what that means). Last year, my friends and parents were having a conversation about what "dropping off a pet to the farm" really means. It clicked in my mine and my dad's head, and he kept shouting "NO....NO..." at my mom. We couldn't believe it....18 years later.

15. I don't know if it is a side affect of my ADD medicine, or if it's just my brain - but I make lists. A lot. Over and over and over. On paper. This is why my current obsession is baby names. I can write them over and over again. 

16. If you've ever hung out with Cole, you know that I married 'Chandler' off of "Friends".