Monday, October 7, 2013

My Best Friend's Wedding.

Luh-Chel got her wedding pictures back, and just wanted to remind you guys what a spazz I am at all times always.

But on a really serious note, my best friend is SO PRETTY IT HURTS.
Jared is the luckiest boy in all of Utah.

I don't know what you guys view as the most important quality in marriage, but I can tell you right now - Lachelle has all the qualities. I don't know that because I'm married to her, I don't know that because Jared tells me - I simply know it just by having had the privilege of being her best friend.

Lachelle is the most loyal human being I have ever come in contact with. And it SAVED me. She stayed when everyone else left, she loved me at my worst, she was patient with me at my craziest, and she refused to let go of my hand through the hardest year of my life. She was the most loyal best friend, when I deserved it the least. I was a miserable human being for a while there, and she simply stood by me, unafraid of the effects that misery could possibly have on her own life.

This bond was even a problem when I first starting dating Cole. Hahahah I'm not even kidding. He would get so frustrated with me, because I literally brought Lachelle with me everywhere. He never got alone-time with me, because after 5 years, I didn't know how to be away from my best friend. It was seriously something I had to work at.

Not only was this loyalty a necessary trait for the survival of her best friend, but it is absolutely a quality that is required in a marriage; loving someone at their worst; being patient through the person you love most in this world's trials.

I remember there was a time when Jared didn't love her in all the good ways he loves her now. We were just teenagers, you know? No one knows who their soulmate is when we're teenagers. Well, except Lachelle. I have been best friends with Lachelle since the 10th grade. That is 5 years. And Lachelle loved Jared for all of those years. When he wanted to just play DOTA and XBOX all the time; when he went to a different College than her, in a different county; when he injured his knee - resulting in a quite bitter attitude towards life; all of it. She loved him every day of all of it, and that is how I know Jared is the luckiest boy in all of Utah.

But don't worry, he knows it.


Don't let this picture fool you, I literally curled 2 pieces of hair. 
Alllll the credit goes to this chick (JAAAYnessa):

(I was supposed to just stand next to her, but you guys know I can't take a picture with her without looking like we're dating/at prom/related/IT'S WHATEV)

Ok, hi, here is where the sky started POURING IT'S GUTS OUT.
The result of some serious hair malfunctions.
Direct quote from the picture above:
Craig: "Chloe, if you're wondering, yes, I can see through your shirt."
Hahaha. I love my friends.
I have NEVER in my life seen a little girl this sassy.
It was the best part of the entire wedding, I kid you not.

If you've missed out on the video, here's the link:

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