Monday, October 14, 2013


I love football games.
Fine, you guys already know how much I love football games.
But I just wanted to remind you!

The husband FINALLY didn't work this weekend, so he got to come to his first one of the season!
And let me tell you, I love nothing more than jumping up and down with him, screaming our guts out.
Seriously, it would have been a real problem in our marriage if he didn't love football as much the Call Boys love football.

Side-note: Got to see the beautiful Karina Powell and her sweetest son at the game.
I've known Karina since...well, really for as long as I can remember!
She's a freakin' blog celebrity these days [for good reason], feel free to follow her!
Wish I would've taken a picture with her, but here's her cutest blog:

Anyway, I got really sad at the game for a minute.
Because I just can't see it being the same when Van Noy leaves for the NFL this next season.
It's a different game when he plays.
Gonna miss our #3!

I believe he's coming to our house on Wednesday, so stay tuned for more BYU posts after I make him sign everything I own ;)

I got this little number for my car.
I am so proud of my husband, and everything he stands for.
He really is one of the good ones.

Happy Monday!


  1. those cheetah pants! Darling!
    ps. your hair.... so cute.

    1. YOU ARE THE SWEETEST! I got the cheetah leggings from Ross for like $7.00 or store. ever.
      Thank you so much! I like you.