Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Cole sold his car this week (cha-ching) but doesn't get his cop car until Friday.
We've been chickens with our heads cut off trying to figure out a schedule to share the car.
Our schedules are polar opposites.

Anyway, today I met him at my parent's house to give him the car for work.
He took the car.
OH, also every house key and the garage door opener.

So here I am, sleeping at my parent's house.
It's wonderful and I love it.
It's like one big sleepover!

I was so excited to put my pajamas on and sit cross legged on my mom's bed to talk.
Sooo pumped out of my mind to lounge on the couch with Jake and Mitch and make fun of TV shows.
I love this place, and I love these people.

I guess it was actually a blessing in disguise, seeing as how our landlord decided not to pay the water bill AGAIN.
I mean, buns can only look good for so many days.

So, after living in this cushy house, these are the things I have realized I miss most.
And they are definitely things I didn't even acknowledge before I got married.

1. A FREAKING DISPOSAL. Oh. My. Gosh. I don't even need a dishwasher, just a disposal. I jumped up and down when I turned it on. Don't hate me 'cause you ain't me.

2. WATER PRESSURE FROM THE GODS. My mom claims it's just normal water pressure. But HELLO, it felt like a million tiny monkeys massaging my scalp. Apparently the name for my water pressure is "a light drizzle." I definitely took an hour and a half long shower.

3. The medicine cabinet. Hahhaha, okay, don't freak out - LET ME EXPLAIN. We own ibuprofen and melatonin. That's all. Nothing else. So while I've been sick as death this week, I've been trying to rely on ibuprofen and a shiz-ton of water to heal me. It hasn't been working. So I open my family's medicine cabinet today - EVERY CURE FOR EVERY ILLNESS EVER. Thank heavens for Mucinex.

Crazy how the things you don't appreciate growing up, are the things you end up struggling to live without. Like, what teenager is thankful for a disposal? Yeah. Bout to get some serious gratitude up in here!

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