Monday, September 16, 2013


Birthday #1:
It's my dad's birthday today!
Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge daddy's girl.

When he teaches a lesson, I am there on the front row, just inhaling every word he says.
Every piece of advice he gives me immediately becomes something vital to my survival, and this part of my relationship with him has definitely become one Cole has with him, as well. We just care a whole lot what he thinks about the decisions we make.

He is the ultimate teacher. Not only has he taught me every important lesson in my life, but he has (whether it was genetic or learned) given me an absolute love for learning. (Along with that love for BYU he's engraved in my skin).

Really, no one I meet will ever have a chance to be my hero - because his role of "hero" in my life is faaaar too great to make room for anyone else.

His jokes have healed my broken heart, and his hugs have been an escape in a world of loneliness.
He is my protector, and my favorite comedian.

Most of my biggest decisions have been made with the question in mind of: "Would this make Jeff Call proud of me?"
And he has never let me wonder if he is proud of me or not.
I am so lucky to be his daughter.

Birthday #2:
My cousin/best friend Aubsquad's birthday is today!
How lucky am I that my best friend was born into my family? Luckiest girl ever.

My favorite picture with Aubree is this picture of us when we're little. She has the Chicken Pox, but I still demand to play with her - even though I could catch the Chicken Pox.
That really just explains my entire relationship with her in one picture.
There is no defect she could have that would ever change my relationship with her. No sickness, no sin, no characteristic, no distance, no nothing. I will always love her the same. 

No one laughs harder than we do. NO ONE.
It would blow your mind how many times I have watched her pee her pants, because we're laughing so hard.

Aside from our humor, we are opposite people. 
We have opposite taste in boys, we don't like the same music, we look nothing alike, we dress as opposite as it gets, we usually have different lifestyles, we interact with people differently. We are just different people.
But I've never felt more similar to anyone before. I think it's just because we've always been together, regardless.
We've cried together, we've laughed together, we've gone through the hardest trials together, we've lived together, we've sang together, we've made dumb videos together, we've eaten (a lot) together, we've messed up together, and we've grown up together.
She's the closest thing to a sister I've ever had, and I'm sure glad it was her.
We just support each other, you know? Even during the times we probably shouldn't have been supported. 

There is absolutely nothing I wouldn't tell her. 
When it comes down to it, we're blood. And because of that, I feel more connected to her than to anyone else.

And I've never had a friendship that just laughed. That's just what we do.
I won't see her for a month, and the second I do, I've laughed more in five minutes than I have in that entire month without her. 
I love her so much, and I'm so lucky that she's obligated to be stuck with me forever.


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