Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Workin' On It.

I have this really awful characteristic.
It's my first time "sharing money."

And you guys know that Cole isn't getting paid right now while he's in "training."

So I work way more than I would usually prefer to work, just to make enough money for rent and food and gas.
Honestly, that's all we have money for.
No dates, no going out to eat, no nothing.

All Cole's police stuff costs a lot of money.
Like, ONE uniform shirt is $80.00.
It's awfully expensive, but I understood that going into it.

It's been really hard for me not to feel frustrated with him - financially.
Sometimes I feel like I spend every second of my days making money, and then he spends it all.

Which isn't even true.
And is a stupid thing to be frustrated about, seeing as how we SHARE money.
And is just the worst trait I ever have.


Just reminding you guys that my marriage isn't 100% golden perfect all the time!
I hate those kinds of people.

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