Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Marriage Book.

So, before I got married, my aunts threw me the ultimate wedding shower EVER. 

At this wedding, they had an "advice basket," where everyone wrote a piece of advice for me regarding love and marriage and patience and all that jazz. 

In this basket, my Aunt Barb (the far left of the picture), gave me a journal, and the advice taped to it said to use the journal to write good things about Cole every night.

Well, getting married and moving is chaotic.
So I forgot about it for awhile. 

The thought came into my mind on Sunday.
And you know, I have come to have a testimony of those kind of "thoughts." 

So I broke out the journal, and wrote about what I liked about Cole that day. 
It ended up saying:
"Today we were laying in bed, and you were being annoying. So I slammed my peanut butter toast face down on your chest. Any other human in the world would have been LIVID. But you just laughed your head off until we were both crying. Thanks for being so young at heart - it's easy to be best friends with you." 

The simplest, most immature journal entry EVER, right?
Well Cole read it, and decided he wanted to join me in this new habit. 

Some of them end up being dumb and funny. 
And sometimes the things Cole writes about me makes me cry my eyes out. 

But one thing that is constant every single time, is that I feel happier after we're done. 

The other day, I was mad at Cole. 
Now, I take the term "mad" EXTREMELY lightly, due to the fact that we don't fight. 
So really I was probably pouting. 
ANYWAY, while I was "mad," I decided to write in the book. 

It was the best idea I ever had. 
Because every negative feeling I had about Cole IMMEDIATELY went away, just simply by making a conscious effort to remember the things I love about him. 

I'm so grateful Barb gave me that advice. 
I'm grateful for our new nightly ritual. 
But mostly, I'm just grateful for a husband who gets so excited to do things like write in a book with me.
He is so easy to write about every night. 

I'll probably end up writing a post about the things we write!
Stay tuned.