Wednesday, August 28, 2013

One Of Those Nights.

Last night I couldn't sleep.
Whether it was my over-thinking, my ADHD meds (WHICH I DESPISE), or the fact that I just couldn't stop squeezing the life out of Cole while he was sleeping - I don't know.

Hahah. Poor kid.
It just was one of those nights where I would roll over, see him sleeping, and then BAM. That over-whelming feeling of how lucky I am to be his.
I don't know if you get those?
If this happened to a normal person, it would require some "awwww so cute's," but I am not a normal person, as you've come to know.
And it really just requires some, "let the poor kid sleep's."

Love my husband!
So grateful for his patience, even when he's just been woken up at 3:00 in the morning because his clingy wife can't stop squeeze-hugging him.
He deserve some sort of award.

I think a lot of this lack-of-sleep has been coming from the fact that I HAVE SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT.
We have a lot of huge changes coming FAST in this here Peterson family.
Ready or not (definitely not), they're coming regardless.

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