Monday, August 26, 2013


It feels like this is what most ALL of my time has consisted of lately.

My 11-year-old sister-in-law is running for Elementary School Council (cute, right?)
So instead of making a gluey-glittery disaster trying to make posters, we decided I would just make them on the computer, and then we would print them at staples. 
She has to do a "skit," so they are playing off the Bob Marley song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy."

My mother was just called as a Young Women leader. Probably because she is a teenager at heart. Just kidding, probably because she has the world's greatest advice on every teenager girl drama EVER. 
(I would know)
I've been helping with handouts. 

My best friend/brother leaves on his mission in ONE MONTH.
I can't even type about it. I get waaay-hay-hay too emotional. 

Here's the thing. I am a picture hoarder. 
That's not even a joke.
For my birthday, Cole got me an external hard-drive, because I somehow ran out of storage on my computer from having too many pictures. 
It doesn't matter how stupid/blurry/pointless the picture is, I can't delete it. 
It's a huge problem. 
So I am a scrapbooker's dream, right? I have a trazillion pictures, and I'm crafty. 
Ok, well. It might not be expensive for you guys. 
But it is way too expensive for my newlywed-paycheck-to-paycheck self. 
So I got this genius idea that I would digitally create scrapbook pages on my computer, and then just print the page out. 
After 2 pages, I officially gave up.
So time consuming. Too much creativity required.

A few hours spent making invitations.

A quote for my lovely 12th grade seminary teacher, for her husband's desk.

And a [surprising] amount of ETSY demands.

Oh, and my best blog header yet.

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