Monday, July 15, 2013

Home Of The Free, Because Of The Brave.

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE THE 4TH OF JULY.
I can't quite put my finger on the exact reason why I am so obsessed with this patriotic holiday, but let me jot down a few for ya.

1. Every year since I was a tiny bald infant, we have gone to Salina for the 4th of July. Yes, I know most of you couldn't locate that city on a map if I paid you. I'm not even going to explain where it is, we'll just say it's population is probably less than my graduating class. My cute 93-year-old grandma lives there, and we LIVE to hang out in her small town for the 4th of July. Maybe we like it so much because we all get to make bets on if Jake will be able to peg the "Miss Salina" princess with a taffy or not, while she rides by on her float. Maybe we like it so much because they used to let 50 baby animals run around, and whatever you caught, you got to take home with you. Maybe we like it so much because we've won a TV, sleeping bags, and a fishing pole by spending hours digging through a pool of jello. Maybe we like it so much because grandma makes 2,000 hot rolls that melt in the sun. Maybe we like it so much because my tallest uncle is 6'8, and it gives all the boys a huge advantage when it comes time to climb the Grease Pole for money. Maybe we like it so much because every year at least 2 people in our family absolutely BIFF IT during the 3-legged and potatoe-sack races. WHATEVER the reason, I have grown to love a small-town called Salina. And I have grown to love spending the 4th of July there.

2. My father is a pyromaniac. This is not an exaggeration. Utah fireworks just won't do. So every year, he loads his boys in the car, and drives to Wyoming to purchase the most dangerous and illegal fireworks he can get his hands on. You can imagine how much more amusing I find it now that I am married to a Police Officer. He has gone to such extremes to put on a good firework show, that it has resulted in the following: A) Hiding in the dog house so the cops couldn't take him to jail, and B) Attempting to shoot a firework off through an irrigation pipe, and it ending in shooting directly into my grandma's house, at approximately 1000MPH. I love my dad as much as he loves fireworks.

3. Mostly I just love being with my family. I love how giddy my dad gets setting off fireworks. I love watching my mom's competitive side come out during the races. I love hanging out with my brothers and playing lawn games with them in the yard while we wait for dad to set up the fireworks.

4. This year, I have grown to love the patriotism for this holiday, thanks to my America-loving husband. I love how much he loves America and Freedom and all that other manly stuff.

I know you're supposed to switch off holidays every year between your family and your in-laws, but I just can't imagine the day when I miss out on the 4th of July with my competitive, pyromanic family.

This year started with a visit from the Lone Peak Fire Department (oops), and ended with a laser dance party in the front yard.


Hahaha. Enjoy this video of my dad and his own little parade. 
He told me he'd kill me if I put it on Facebook, but this isn't Facebook….SO ENJOY.

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