Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nights At The Peterson House.

So. I tried to sneakretely. WOW. Sneakretely? Stunning. I didn't even mean to write that. That pretty much explains how my day is going today.
Last night I tried to SECRETLY/SNEAKILY (take your pick) film Cole, so I could show you how our nights usually look. 
And I got done filming and I was like, "dangit, it turned out weird and spastic." And then I was like, "oh…our nights ARE weird and spastic." Therefore, I kept it. 

Sidenote: Remember when I told you guys how whenever Cole sings he automatically sounds like a really old cowboy, no matter what song it is? Yeahhhhh. This is what I mean.

Also, sidenote #2: I've recently converted Cole to listening to Les Miserables in our car rides. And NO, not the movie crap with Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway and all those other mainstreams actors who absolutely SUCK at singing. The 10th Anniversary Broadway Edition. I hate that stupid movie. 

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