Friday, November 30, 2012

The Proposal.

Alright blogger homies. You are about to get the INSIDE SCOOP on the day my wonderful future husband proposed to me. And when I say inside scoop, I mean inside scoop. VIDEOS, PICTURES, THE WHOLE SHIBANG. 

First thing you need to know about Cole Ryan Peterson. He is in the Police Academy. This means, if he gets a ticket while attending, he gets kicked out. I think it's the lamest thing ever, but whatever, it is what it is. Anywho, because of this rule, Cole Ryan Peterson never speeds. Seriously. If you look up the word "CAUTIOUS" in the dictionary, my slow-grandma-speed-boyfriend's picture is there. 
Second thing you need to know about Yours Truly. This October was my 1-year anniversary of not having a ticket. Buuuut before this year, I had quite a few tickets to my name. I have had quite a few warrants out for my arrest because of them. I have almost been arrested because of them. (NO, I DO NOT KNOW HOW I OF ALL PEOPLE ENDED UP MARRYING A COP). 

OK. That is all the introduction information you need to know. I think. If not, I'll come back and add another paragraph. Which means you won't even see this sentence. I do not know why I am still typing this. Also, just barely I couldn't decide which "know/no" to use in that sentence. Also it's 2:20am. 

On November 2, 2012 - exactly 1 year after Cole was released as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - the boy I love more than anything in this world decided he could handle me for always and eternity. Never have I ever been more grateful for any decision in my whole life. 

It started out weird from the beginning. I do not know how I didn't catch on. First of all, he arrived at my house in his mom's Mercedes. (That's not the weird part, don't try to decipher that). When I came outside, he insisted we drove my car. (Someone was planning on keeping an eye out for a red KIA Soul - making it imperative we, in fact, did drive my red KIA Soul). I asked him why, he replied, "my mom's car is out of gas." I then reminded him that he would have to fill it up at some point anyway, so we might as well do it now. He then responded, "my mom's car won't make it to the gas station." I then asked him why in the world he didn't get gas on the way here. He got impatient and rushed me into my red KIA Soul. I was so confused. So I kept asking him questions about how he was going to get his mom's car home and such, and he kept rambling off answers that weren't really answers at all. Then to add to the weirdness, he was talking SO MUCH. I literally couldn't get a word in. I don't even know if he even knew what he was spitting out. The CHATTY KING then told me we had to go deliver a birthday card from his mom to his step-brother, Mike. I had never met his step-brother. Nor did I understand why we were spending a Friday night running weird birthday errands. I asked him how old Mike was turning, and he had absolutely no idea. He didn't even have a card with him. So we had to drive back to his house to get one. Where he then brought back an un-opened card, still in the plastic. (Everyone applaud the worst cover story ever). The drive to Springville is where all hell broke loose. He legitimately forgot how to drive, i'm pretty sure. But, even after almost killing us several times, THE CHATTY KING KEPT HIS CROWN. 
When we somehow made it off the freeway alive - he got even more chaotic. He was driving 50mph in a 30mph zone. He was TRYING TO PASS CARS IN THE CITY. Let me remind you real quick, COLE PETERSON DOES NOT SPEED. COLE PETERSON DOES NOT BREAK LAWS. I just kept screaming, "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? WHO ARE YOU?" We then got pulled over.
You're all thinking, "big deal. People get pulled over all the time." WRONG. Cole Peterson doesn't get pulled over. Because if Cole Peterson gets pulled over, he gets KICKED OUT OF THE MOTHER FREAKING POLICE ACADEMY. So. It is safe to say I was freaking out. "Well. This is just great. Nice going Cole. Our entire future is ruined now. WHAT WERE YOU TRYING TO DO? This is just great Cole. You deserved to be pulled over after driving like that. We were going to die, I just know it." (Lecture continued for awhile longer). The cop then walked up to us and got all Cole's papers and what not. He also asked for my name. I didn't think twice about it. UNTIL. Until a second cop showed up, and they both asked me to step out of my car. I WAS THE PASSENGER. I was even angrier at this point. Cole was kicked out of the Police Academy, and I was getting pulled out of my car by cops. This was just great. They then told me to put my hands on the car, and continued to tell me how I had a warrant out for my arrest for an unpaid ticket. Again, I didn't think twice about it. I am the queen of warrants. All I thought was: "oh great. Not again. My dad is going to kill me." Then proceeded to handcuff me. They then pulled Cole out of the car. At this point, I was being extremely rude to the cops. I didn't understand why they had to pull Cole out of the car for speeding. I was livid. And no one was answering ANY of my questions. They made him put his hands on the car, and started to search him. They found his phone. And then they found a tiny black box. 
I have never been more shocked. And he has never been shaking so hard. I am surprised the box didn't jump right out of his hands, they were shaking so bad. They couldn't get the handcuffs off me fast enough (who actually turned out to be Cole's step-brother whom I had never met).
The rest of the night was a blur filled with me dropping things and stuttering every 9 words. Nothing has ever felt more dream-like in my whole life. 

And thus ended the first day of the rest of my life with Officer Peterson.

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