Friday, November 30, 2012

The Live Nativity.

Today my dad rounded up some people to do "service." I didn't tell Cole what he was going to have to do, I just asked him to show up. He did, of course. He always does. We were a little late, so my dad called us and told us we were going to be Stonecutters in the village for the Live Nativity in Alpine, and that we needed to hurry and get there so we could get into costume. When we got there, a woman informed us that she was told to dress Cole and Amanda up as Mary and Joseph. WHAT? I looked at Cole, and he just simply started getting into costume. No complaints. I was coming up with a million reasons to tell the woman why we couldn't, but Cole was just simply ok with it. Cole is always just simply ok with everything. So I followed his lead and got into costume. We were led to a small "stable." I was told to sit in the dirt in the stable, while they handed Cole a real freaking donkey. And let me tell ya, I fell even more in love tonight as I watched that man tell all the kids how he was Joseph, and how tired he was from walking to Bethlehem. And I almost got teary-eyed as he helped the kids pet his donkey and asked them what their names were. I am marrying the most selfless person on the planet earth. He serves without a single complaint. He goes wherever I want to go, whenever I want to go there, with a glow in his eyes. He sat there with me for 3 hours, telling hundreds and hundreds of people over and over again his story, and making every kid who walked by happy. And he just smiled at me the whole time. When the last group finally walked through our section, I asked him how he was so happy that whole 3 hours. His only response was, "Yeah, I guess I would have been upset if I got roped into doing this alone. But I am happy to go anywhere with you. The only bad part of the night was that I was right next to you for 3 hours, but couldn't touch you." WHAT? I have the happiest future in the world. 

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