Sunday, May 24, 2015

29 Weeks//Guess How Much I Love Him.

How far along? 29 weeks. Almost 10 weeks away..WHAT?!

Size of baby? A Butternut Squash. He is 2 1/2 pounds, and about 14 inches long. 

Due date? August 13, 2015

Sleep?  Tylenol PM has been making my life A LOT better.

Morning sickness? 3rd trimester feels a lot like 1st trimester...(BARF)

Any other weird symptoms? Restless leg syndrome I swear is worse than nausea. IT'S SO ANNOYING. Also, my skin stretching has made my belly feel sunburnt?! So weird. And helloooo stretchmarks! I actually, don't mind, though. Surprisingly! Battle scars :) 

Best moment of the week? COLE FINALLY FELT HIM KICK. My word! Seriously?! 29 weeks later?! He freakin' karate chopped Cole right in the hand, and Cole's eyes just got really big and he yelled "IT'S A HUMAN!" Hahahaha I DIED.

Food cravings? If I don't get pellet ice, I start to die. I eat A LOT of pellet ice. Also, have you ever had a Caesar Chicken Wrap from Noodles & Company?! I will eat it everyday if you let me.

Gender? BOY BOY BOY. My brother Jake gets so mad that I leave this question every week. Hahah. You never know, it could change!

Mood? I'm really excited this week! I just want him to be here already!

Planning to deliver? Orem Community!

Guess how much I love every inch of this little boy?
(Fav purchase of the week)

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