Thursday, May 7, 2015


How far along? 26 weeks. HELLOOOO THIRD TRIMESTER!!

Size of baby? The size of a head of lettuce! Which doesn't really make sense, since he's 14 inches long. I guess he's a long head of lettuce? Hahah, I don't know.
*Side note: OK, so I just researched it, and he's apparently as long as a zucchini. 

Due date? August 13, 2015

Sleep?  SO BAD. Like, seriously bad. First of all, I dare you to find a position that comfortably satisfies both pelvic AND back pain (it doesn't exist). Second of all, I wake up at 3:30 every morning (night?) and I do not go back to sleep for hours and hours. IT'S GETTING BRUTAL.

Morning sickness? Still my sidekick.

Any other weird symptoms? The swelling is WEIRD, man. When I walk a lot or when it's hot, all of a sudden I can't really bend my fingers or toes and it's weird. Fitting in ANY of my shoes is out of the question. Plus, he is taking up a LOT of room in there. My uterus/skin is making room for him, and it's this extreme tightness, and I just feel like there is not enough room for him in there! I DO NOT know how he is supposed to grow for 3 more months and survive in there?! Also, restless leg syndrome is a thing, and it's making my life MISERABLE.

Best moment of the week? I can SEE HIM moving my stomach. What the?? He is hard-core kicking now! It's safe to say he gets a lotttt of my attention. My mom felt him the other day, when he was freakin' drop kicking me in the side! Cole has yet to feel him. Every time he puts his hand on my stomach, baby immediately stops. He knows dad's a cop or something!

Food cravings? I've eaten 2 full watermelons in the past week. Hahah. Sooo that's happening.

Gender? BOY BOY BOY. My brother Jake gets so mad that I leave this question every week. Hahah. You never know, it could change!

Mood? Let me just rant for a second. I am done being pregnant. I am so grateful for his little kicks. And the times I get to see him in an ultrasound. But other than that, I do not enjoy being pregnant. Not even a little bit. I am not one of those people who will "miss my baby bump" because this baby bump is making it SERIOUSLY hard to breathe. I can't lay on my back. I can't bend over...ever. Cole took my shoes off for me yesterday. I am being serious. It is no longer a cute/fun little bump, it is getting ENORMOUS. To the point where I walk like a 90-year old woman because of all the pains. That morning sickness that only lasts your first trimester? It is not only in the mornings, and it is still present as ever! And WHY is the Earth so hot?! I get some seeerious heat flashes (usually while teaching at church hahah, poor kids) and I want to live in a swimming pool. I am being stabbed in the pelvic bone at all hours of the day. I would LOOOVE to go on walks with my husband, or do ANY sort of exercise, but my body FORBIDS it. You know when you have a sore muscle, you exercise and it feels better? Ok, well my life is the exact opposite. Taking Murphy on walks is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. And don't even get me started on sleep. It's not that I'm not tired enough, I'M ALWAYS TIRED, it's the freaking restless leg syndrome, that is impossible to sleep through. And when I do finally go to sleep, I have to pee. And after I pee, I can't get back to sleep. It's a routine.

Just a little insight of what Cole gets to hear every day ;) And just wanted to remind you that my life is faaar from perfect.

Planning to deliver? Orem Community!

Cole & I still can't believe how much bigger I've gotten this month.
Hellooooo baby growth spurt!

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