Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Little Boy.

Since I haven't felt him kick yet or anything, sometimes I forget he's a real little person, you know?

It's all about the nausea, and the finances, and researching carseats, and lists and lists and lists of things to do and buy. But then I go to my OB/GYN appointments, and there he is; all wiggly and perfect. And I remember that he's real, and he's mine, and I get to hold him in 5 months! 

Today at my appointment ( after we made sure he was still a boy ;) ) Dr. did the heartbeat. It was 165, and Dr. was like, "WOAH! That is one happy baby!" And then he got the hiccups, because he's stinkin' cute. 

And I was just reminded all over again that he's this real little guy. He gets happy heartbeats, and hiccups, and sleeps in the same position as mom, and hates sugar, and loves turkey, and he's all mine forever, and I'm just really grateful for these appointments where I get to have a little glimpse into my (very happy, according to baby) future.

So in love with you already, baby boy! And I can't wait to kiss those tiny feet right off.

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