Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baby BOY Peterson!

In the beginning of July, Cole and I decided we were ready to start our little family. It was really weird, because before that, neither of us were really very baby hungry. We didn't have any babies on either sides of our families, and we just were really satisfied with how life was going. But then, all of a sudden, we both felt a little less satisfied, and a little more excited for the future. So at the end of July, I had my IUD taken out.

My mom got pregnant with me in about .004 seconds. So I was expecting it to be this immediate thing. But August passed, then September, then October, AND NOVEMBER. It was so frustrating! Every month was just a huge let down. I started to just assume that the test was going to be negative. And it was such a tease! I would go all day without starting my period, and then 11:30pm would hit, and BAM. Hope crushed.

I went to Idaho with my family for Thanksgiving. Let me just start out by saying, every time I go to Idaho (where most of my dad's side of the family lives) I eat. A LOT. Then you add Thanksgiving, and I've pretty much eaten enough for a small army. So while I was there, I started to get really sick during the nights. One of those sicknesses where the second your eyes open, you immediately sit up, just in case you have to make a run for it to the bathroom. I had been eating so much crap, that I obviously blamed it on that.

Thanksgiving came, and we all went around the table saying 3 things we're grateful for. (Which, by the way, Mitch could only think of 2, hahah but that is a whole different story). It got to Toby (apparently the comedian) who said "I'm grateful for Amanda's baby" and rubbed my stomach. And everyone laughed, and I got a tiny bit sad because I just wanted it to be true so badly! I have been waiting to be a mom my whole life!

Little did we know, Toby was right. And little Peterson was about to make his appearance on a tiny peed on stick.

On December 4th, I took my millionth pregnancy test. But this time it was different. I wasn't expecting it to be negative. I was super calm, and super positive. And when I flipped it over, IT WAS POSITIVE!

Now, I had been buying dollar store pregnancy tests, because I had taken SO MANY. So, to anyone else in the world, that super light + might have been confusing. But because I had seen so many, I KNEW it was positive.

AND I LITERALLY JUMPED UP AND DOWN SQUEALING. I wasn't nervous or shocked or doubtful, I was just happy; ECSTATIC.

It was December, so I had all these thoughts run through my head about how I could surprise Cole on Christmas, etc. But, lo-and-behold, I was WAY TOO EXCITED, and ran downstairs and just handed it to him and said, "here" hahah. I'm not the most graceful human in the world.

He looked at it, FROZE, and said: ".........what is...what does that even mean???" So he then continued to grab is keys and say, "WE'RE GOING TO WALMART AND GETTING ONE THAT HAS ACTUAL WORDS."

Let me tell you. At this point, Cole was not happy like I was. Cole was NERVOUS, and Cole was SHOCKED. 

So I drank a shiz ton of water, and when I finally had to pee, the words "POSITIVE" typed across the screen. 

And instead of jumping up and down and squealing, Cole said: "....I don't know how to be a dad!"

Hahaha. It was our wedding day all over again - poor, always in shock Cole.

Sidenote: Now he wakes up in the middle of his sleep and yells: "WE'RE HAVING A BABY!" I think he might be even more excited than me, sometimes. And baby Peterson is so lucky to have him as his dad!

Side-Sidenote: By the amount of times Murphy has jumped and punched me in the stomach, I'm starting to wonder if he secretly hates him already...

For Christmas, we sent our families this Christmas card:

I was totally fine letting our families know that early.
But I didn't want to tell the "public" until I was out of the miscarriage stage - just in case.

I love Cole. You guys, I LOVE Cole. I'm super overwhelmed by how in love I am with him daily. And I am so lucky that I get to raise baby Peterson with him!

I LOVE Baby Peterson.

Not so excited to have to NAME Baby Peterson (boy names are way harder than girl names) but I love him nonetheless!

How far along? 14 weeks! More than 1/3 of the way done, baby!

Due date? August 13th, which is super cool because that's when my Grandpa's birthday was <3

Maternity clothes? I wear leggings every day. EVERY DAY. Seriously, jeans are of the devil.

Sleep? I fall asleep suuuper easy. Seriously, once 6:00 hits, I hit a wall. But I wake up a few times during the night due to lovely morning sickness.

Morning sickness? Ok, they need to change the name of this to All-Day-Especially-During-The-Night-Sickness. It's FINALLY settling down, but the first 3 months were really, REALLY hard.

Best moment this week? Finding out that Baby P is a BOY!!!

Have you told family and friends? We told family months ago, just told everyone else yesterday!

Movement? Not yet - too early.

Food cravings? This whole pregnancy I've craved meat. Which is suuuuper weird, because if you know me, you know I don't really like meat. Like, at all. But my favorite thing is to eat turkey right out of the package. And don't even get me started on my new love for Salami! Apparently little boy is ALL boy hahah.

Anything making you queasy or sick? SUGAR. The things that have made me the absolute sickest have been milkshakes and Cap N' Crunch cereal. Also, the smell of Buffalo Wild Wings. Which is weird considering I crave meat.

Have you started to show yet? For sure! Apparently I'm one of those women who show early. But it's that awkward stage where you could definitely confuse pregnancy with obesity.

Gender? LITTLE BOY!!!

Mood? I have been weeeeirdly happy. Like, some mornings I feel high hahaha I'm not even kidding. And what the heck, I'm a morning person now?! The other day, Cole stopped and was like: "WHY ARE YOU SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW" hahah. On the other hand, I cry prettyyyy easily, but it's usually over in about 10 seconds. I'm just really happy to be alive!

Planning to deliver? Orem Community Hospital <3 IT RULES.

What # grandkid? Baby boy will be the FIRST grandkid on both sides! (We're both the oldest). He will be the FIRST great-grandkid on my mom's side, and Cole's dad's side. The first BOY great-grandkid on my dad's side (along with 4 adorable girls - he's about to be super overpowered haha). And the 4th great-grandkid on Cole's mom's side, where he'll get 2 little boys to play with, along with 2 girls!

We're lucky! And happy.


  1. Josh's birthday is on August 13th. He is positive the baby will be born on that day! We're totally excited for you!

    1. So is my Grandpa Frame's <3 Thanks! Soooo excited!

  2. This is so great!! Congrats! Baby boy P will be so cute!

    1. Thank you so much Nichel, you are the sweetest!