Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Trip To The Vet = A Trip To The Park.

I'm just going to warn you up-front: If you're sick of pictures of Murphy, I suggest you do not keep reading. 

When we picked Murphy up from St. George, he was about 8 weeks old.
This means he had his first round of shots and vaccinations done.

Puppies usually have 3 rounds.
1st: 8 weeks
2nd: 12 weeks
3rd: 16 weeks

Since Murphy is almost 3 months old [what the heck?!?], we took him to the Vet for his second round of shots.

The furball didn't even feel the shot, but he was NOT very happy about the thermometer in his butt. And he was not very happy about the vaccination up his nose.

He ate the "de-worming" treat right up, and we went on our merry way.

On the way home, he threw up all over my car. [and threw up his de-worming treat, dangit]
Apparently he was more traumatized than I guessed. 

And because he pulls every little freaking heart string I've ever had, we stopped at PetSmart on the way home, and ended up leaving with 5 toys. [oops]

After work, I still was feeling way bad for the little dude, so we decided to take him to the park.

...I should not be allowed to take my camera when we go to the park.

Anyway, since little buttmuch is almost 3 months old, I have decided to write some "Murphy Facts" we've learned about him this month, to go with the pictures.

Remember, I warned you!

1. When we put Murph on the table at the Vet, the first thing he said was: "Look at these paws. You're going to be a big boy, aren't you?" So, Fact #1: Murphy's dad was the biggest German Shepherd I've ever seen, and apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

2. Since we're talking about his dad, I'll throw in #2 about his mom. His dad is your average "Black and Tan German Shepherd"; exactly what you picture when you picture a German Shepherd [except bigger]. His mom is what I believe you call a "Bicolor German Shepherd". Her fur is all black, except for her paws, and a little on her chest. German Shepherd puppies pretty much all start out solid black. And as they get older, their coats change. So, as you can see, Murph's tan has started to come out, and we're loving it. He still doesn't have a single stitch on his back or his belly, and we're also loving that. We're obsessed with his dark features, but who knows what colors he'll end up!

3. HE LOVES HUMANS. Seriously. It doesn't matter if you've never been to our house before, the second you walk in the door, he will sprint over to you and hug your legs. There's nothing harder than taking him on walks, because he just wants to love EVERY person we pass. Some German Shepherds are born very defensive and aggressive. Aaaand some are born Murphy ;) It is my #1 favorite quality about him.

4. Speaking of walks, he has learned exactly what the leash means. The second we put it on his collar, he is immediately STOKED, because he knows he's going on a walk. Although he knows what the leash means, he absolutely does not know how to use it. Our walks consist of us tripping over his leash as he "criss-crosses" in front of us over and over and over again. He's not the most graceful little dude in the world...

5. K, at first, I thought there was something wrong with him. I was like: "Crap, they gave us the psychotic puppy." Because, about twice a day, he'll stare at me in the eyes for like 20 seconds straight, get this weird look in his eyes, and then just LOSE IT. He'll start running around our apartment, barking, jumping on the furniture, and biting everything in sight. He will not slow down for a good 10 minutes. It's freaking chaotic. So one day, I googled "Hyperactivity in Puppies", and found out that this is just a thing puppies have. It's called "FRAP" [Frenetic Random Activity Periods], and it's totally normal. Aaaand Murphy's "FRAP" happens right as it's time for me to sleep, of course ;) 

6. When he finally does go to bed, he sleeps in "Funeral" position. On his back, legs in the air, arms crossed. Hahaha. Don't ask, I don't even know. 

[I love his prowling stance]

7. So, as you can see in the above pictures, his "posture" is pretty flat. I think that's how a lot of "East German Shepherds" are. My parent's dog, Max, on the other hand, has hips that are significantly lower to the ground than his shoulders. That's pretty much how most German Shepherds are. Because of that, German Shepherd's are highly prone to "Hip Displaysia". And it's the saddest thing in the world, and I hate it. Now that Max is 10, he has a reeeeally hard time getting up and down, because of his hips. ANYWAY, the vet said you can pretty much tell which dogs have Hip Displaysia when they're puppies. And then Murphy's hips look pretty good. [I almost cried. Shut up.]

8. Obviously we've discussed that his paws are MASSIVE. Cole and I have decided they're too big for his body. Because he trips over them almost every time he runs, and it's the funniest thing in the world. Like, guys, he's 11 WEEKS OLD. Imagine how big his paws are going to be when he's an adult. Ok Godzilla. 

9. He's in his "teething process". Every day when I come home, he has taken another Door Stop off the wall. I have no idea how. Because I have to twist it back on. How does he twist it off? Howww?

10. He LOVES playing Fetch. He brings the ball right back to us every time, because he wants us to throw it way badly. We play it for hours. 

11. He can climb over baby gates. And it RUINS MY LIFE sometimes. Especially considering he will do everything in his power to go to the bathroom as close to my bedroom as he can. DON'T ASK ME WHY.

12. He finally let's us sleep in our bed. <---Hahah it legitimately is like having a child. One night, when he woke us up, I said these exact words to Cole: "It's your turn." But really, he used to whine unless we were touching him somehow while he was sleeping. I actually kind of miss it, but am pretty stoked to be sleeping in my own bed with my own husband.

13. He has no idea he's a small puppy. He will nip at my parent's 150 pound German Shepherd like it's NOTHING. He jumps on my in-law's 2-year-old Lab every chance he gets. And he licks the dog [that literally wants to kill him] in the eyeball all the time. He has no idea he's tiny.

14. He knows when you're about to leave, so he'll sit on your feet and block the door. He's the stinkin' cutest.

15. He apparently hates slides hahahahhaha. [i'll never get over it]

16. Before we picked him up from St. George and knew how massive he was, we prepared for a tiny puppy. So we got him these tiny peanut butter treats, like the size of my pinky nail. We give them to him when he does something good, but they're so tiny, and he's so big, that he has no idea if he just ate it or not. So usually it ends up falling out of his mouth as he's walking away. Hahah.

17. HE LOVES TOYS. Seriously. Stuffed animals, balls, squeaky toys, ropes, bones. He loves it all. But his favorite toys are things we don't buy him [OF COURSE] like water bottles and plastic cups and bags and literally anything I'm holding in my hand.

18. He has MASTERED the "sit" command. We used to make him sit before we would give him his food or his water bowl or a treat. Now, if he hears me filling up his water bowl, or hears the treat bag make noise, I turn around and he is already sitting at my feet. It rules. Buuuut teaching him any other trick his been close to impossible. 

19. If I haven't told you a million times before, he is the happiest puppy in the world. Kids are always like: "Why is your puppy smiling?" He is happy every second of every day, and gets so unbelievably spoiled in return. 

20. You know how dogs have that "Sweet Spot" when you're scratching their bellies, that causes them to kick their leg? Murphy's "Sweet Spot" is in the exact place where his foot kicks your hand. So in order for you to scratch Murphy's belly, you have to be prepared to have your hand sliced up by his toenails. 

21. When we first got him, he would put his mouth around your arm while you're "rough playing" and it was cute since his teeth were too baby to hurt you. Apparently he has learned how to use his jaw, because IT FREAKING HURTS NOW. And his new favorite things to bite ARE MY FEET. My mom says I have the "Shopping Cart Phobia" where you are paranoid that whoever is pushing a cart behind you at the store is going to ram you in the shins. Because I walk around the house, basically jumping, terrified that Murph is going to freaking cut my toes open again!

22. Want to know why we haven't fixed that problem yet? He thinks any reaction you give him is "playing". If you yell "NO!" it riles him up, and he bites harder the next time. If you grab his mouth, he starts running around you barking and nipping. If you put him outside, it somehow becomes like the game of "Peek-A-Boo", and he sprints right at you the second you open the door. It's a work in progress.

23. See how water is dripping out of his mouth in that first picture? I am convinced he never actually gets any water in his mouth. When he stops "drinking" out of his water bowl, the next few steps he takes are drenched in water that is falling out of his mouth. And most of the time when he's done drinking, he puts both paws in the bowl, and digs like crazy. My kitchen is drenched 90% of the time. 

24. He is OBSESSED with the Swiffer Jet. Every time we get it out to mop the floor, he jumps all over it, licking and smiling. 

25. He eats dirt. All the time. My life consist of plying dirt clods out of his mouth. The Scout's going around aerating lawns has been my worst nightmare!!

26. He is NOT a fan of the car. It makes him seeeriously carsick, and he drools BUCKETS.

27. HE LOVES DOGS. I took him to PetSmart yesterday, and ended up having to push him in a cart because he was LUNGING at every dog we passed. He just wants to play with any and everything and I love him. 

28. He's just my baby best friend, and I'll cuddle him and kiss him forever! When he's 10-years-old, I promise you I'll be sittin' on the couch, cradling him like a baby. 

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