Monday, March 31, 2014


I have been a blogger SLACK-A-TRON lately.

So instead of doing literally the world's longest update, I decided to just give captions to the pictures on my phone.

I have a hard time believing this quote is real.
But if it is, it's PURE AWESOME.

This weather has been absolutely bi-polar.
So we have been taking full advantage of the days that stay sunny.
Also, we basically live on this deck, because that's where our new grill is!

This month was the 18th Anniversary of my sweet Aunt Natalie's death.
She died of a brain tumor.
All I really remember, is her smiling the crap out of life.
Seriously the happiest human being you could've ever met.
Even after the brain tumor started to change her, I still remember her smiling.
Man I miss her, but thankful for a dad who let it change him for the better.
Anyway, on this Anniversary day, while cleaning out my closet at my mom's house, I came across this little number.
One of Nat's favorite dolls.
Coincidence? Hardly. I know she smiled that smile of hers when I found it.

I'll be honest, for a minute there, I lost that love for Sundays that used to consume me.
Cole has had to pick up a lot of extra shifts. And a lot of those shifts have been on Sundays.
And I don't know what happened to that outgoing Sunday-loving girl I used to be, but the thought of going to church alone terrified me. Especially in a ward where I don't know anyone.
So, I guess this has been my "Newlywed" trial.
But I'm happy to say, the love has found it's way back into my life, and I love Sundays.
And I'm really lucky that God let me continue feeling the spirit, even after I got lazy on Him.

We put a backup offer on a house.
You definitely never know what could happen with backup offers.
And add the fact that it is a short-sale house.
But we are hopeful. And we are patient. And we know God has a plan!
So if we don't get it, we'll thank Him for helping us dodge the bullet.
And if we do get it, we'll thank Him.
Either way, we're happy!

March has consisted of March Madness, and almost nothing else.
And we have eaten it up, even when our brackets fail us!

I got really sick last month. 
It was pain that made me yell.
It was a fear that drove me to the ER, and it was Satan who brought a whole lot of anxiety attacks.
This is a picture of the first day I felt a little bit better.
All I wanted to do was hug my husband.
My mom kept saying: "Amanda, stop attacking him, you're probably really gross."
But I couldn't help it. And no surprise that he let me.
I can't believe I scored myself a husband who has an unlimited amount of sympathy, and an endless amount of energy to make me feel better.
God knew exactly what He was doin!

We have a new favorite hobby.
It's tennis, and we're terribly awful.
But man, do we love it!
Even when Cole gets the ball stuck in his racket...

I'll be honest, I was a little bitter before this Women's Conference.
I am finally at the point in my life where I need marriage counseling and advice on raising kids.
And then 8-year-olds were invited.
How am I supposed to get inspired guidance, when these messages are prepared for 8-year-olds?!
And during the first 2 talks, my bitterness remained.
But as the last few talks went on, I started to feel the spirit.
And my future got a little more guidance.
And I am grateful.
And mostly, just really lucky for a mom who takes me to Women's Conference even when she has the flu.
She's my idol. 

I put on hideous pink lip stick to make Cole laugh.
Aaaand lo-and-behold, it didn't come off for 24 hours. 

I send Cole selfies when I don't get to see him in the morning.
And I make him send them to me. 

This is the first thing I chose to do the day I was no longer sick.
My dad made me dance while he filmed, and I felt like one of those street monkeys...

Today I have just been feeling extra grateful to be alive and living the life I get to live!

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