Friday, March 7, 2014

Brian Regan!

You'll be surprised to know, I had never really listened to Brian Regan before I met Cole.
I was more of a Jim Gaffigan kind of girl ;)
"AWWW I got the one filled with toothpaste!"
If you've ever been around my family, we've quoted Jim Gaffigan at least 3 times in the conversation we had around you.
We quote Jim Gaffigan like it's its' own language.

When I married Cole, he started showing me Brian Regan.
AND YOU GUYS, I love him just as much as my family language.

So for Christmas, I got Cole tickets to see Brian Regan at the Energy Solutions Arena.

I can remember a few times in Jr. High when I was literally bawling because I was laughing so hard.
I mean sometimes I shed a tear here and there from crying.
But watching Brian Regan was a whole different level of crying.

I wish his 2014 stuff was on Youtube so I could show you!

My parents were also converted :)

2014 is killing it so far!

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