Thursday, January 23, 2014


My mom and dad went on a lil' adventure to Virginia last week, to drop Jake off at SVU.
We've come to learn in the past few months, that Virginia is the coolest little historical town out there.

You guys, of all people, know how much Utah Pride I have.
No amount money in the world could ever convince me to leave the beauty of this state.

But, a mission call to Richmond, a decision to attend SVU, and about 60 books later, I found myself falling in love with the only state I have ever deemed worthy to battle Utah's scenery.

...You get the point.
Wait, no; you get the "picture".

Anyway, because of the historic part of it, they have the best little vintage stores around.

And, to prove she knows me better than anyone in the world, my mother brought me back this souvenir.
(Because Jeff and Wendy call could go on a trip to Beaver, Utah, and they would still end up bringing back souvenirs).

I am ONE happy camper.

Although, it did take me approximately 75 minutes just to figure out how to open the blasted thing.
...So wish me the most luck you've ever wished anyone, trying to decipher how to work it.


  1. Shane has a job opening in Virginia! I want him to take it :)

    1. Oh my goodness, I don't know how you would choose! Utah and Virginia are both unbelievably great in their different ways!