Saturday, January 18, 2014


We've been lucky to have Kyle Van Noy be an inspiration and hero to us for the last few years.

That's the thing about Kyle. People expect him to be "cocky" or a "dumb jock" [cue more stereotypes] in real life. But he really, honestly is exactly like this video. And we're really lucky to have been able to get to know that side of him.

Up Close With Kyle Van Noy [Video]

Seriously, he is a STUD of a football player. But if he taught me anything, it's how important education is. He's going to the FREAKING NFL - but talked to us for a long time about how important his classes are to him, and how necessary it is to him to get a degree.

Pumped to continue being his #1 fans in the NFL.

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  1. Omg i still cannot believe you are with him. We are huge BUT football fans. We love Van Not, he is so insanely talented