Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shop With A Cop

My husband loves being a cop.
He adores it.

The cool thing about the Lehi Police Department, is how family-oriented they are.

Not only do you get fired if you cheat on your wife,
but we have become a part of a career-long "family" who do everything together.
BBQ's, camping trips, boating outings, parties, dinners.
The LehiPD is one giant family, and I feel really lucky to be apart of it.

Because they are so family-oriented, they are absolutely kid-oriented.

When you think of the duties of cops, you always picture them pulling people over, and giving tickets, and hauling people to jail.
More than likely, they're holding a gun in most of these pictures in your head.

But part of Cole's job description is spending time with the kids in the community.
He walks through the halls of the Elementary Schools and Junior Highs, high-fiving kids and making them feel safe.
He takes Pre-Schoolers on tours of the Police Department.
He hands out suckers to kids he passes in his car.

This Christmas Season, Cole got to be a part of "Shop With A Cop".

It started out at Texas Roadhouse.
The Cops spent the night waiting tables, clearing plates, and chatting with the customers.
All the "tips" they received, went to the "Shop With A Cop" fund.

"Shop With A Cop" is where the Officers take underprivileged kids; kids who might otherwise not have a Christmas, and takes them shopping for Christmas presents.
And, ya know, as far as I could tell, being able to ride in a Police car with the lights and sirens blaring, was a Christmas present for these kids, in and of itself.

Cole, along with other Officers, even ended up spending some of their own money to give these kids things they would never have received without them.

Every kid even got a new coat.

Chief Smith is SUCH a wonderful man.
And he has done an INCREDIBLE job teaching his crew, not only how to be wonderful Police Officers, but how to be wonderful MEN.

The family-oriented side of my husband has made him more of a man than the guns and car ever will.

I feel blessed.
And I feel so humbled for a career that, not only my husband ADORES, but makes him a better husband, a better father, and a better human being.

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