Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Favorite Little Date.

You know how they say babysitting or nannying is "really good birth control"?
Okay, well, apparently we've been babysitting the wrong kiddos.
Because nothing makes us more excited to have kids, than hanging out with Clarissa Grace.

Last week, we took her on a date.
No, Colleen did not call us to babysit...WE called COLLEEN, and pretty much begged to hang out with Clara.

Everything she does makes me laugh my head off, and everything she says makes Cole squeeze her to death.

We can wait to have kids, as long as we can continue being wrapped around Clarissa Grace's little charismatic fingers. ;)

...Who is apparently afraid of small goats.

we took her on a carriage ride to see the lights at thanksgiving point.

we then took her to see the reindeer.
she kept asking, "so these reindeer are real? they're not made out of lights?"
hahaha. i love her.

my husband is WAY too dreamy.

haha, she decided this was her dance stage:

to say they're friends, would be a vast understatement.
the first thing she asked when i picked her up for the date, within .004 seconds of being there, was: "WHERE'S COAT?"

sheeee didn't think the lights and sirens were as great as we do...
and now, everytime we pass any car ever, she says, "is that coat's police car?"
she loves officer p. 

we got her a minnie mouse "packpack", and a minnie mouse camera for christmas ;)

(ignore my high pitched baby voice)


  1. You and cole will be such great parents when that day comes!

    1. This is by far the sweetest comment I have ever received. Tearing up at work a little bit, thanks a lot anonymous! The little twerps will definitely have fun, that's for sure ;) Not sure I'm wise enough to raise a teenager though!