Thursday, October 3, 2013

Short Update

We're finally moving!
Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely going to miss paying $750.00 flat a month.

But there is just something about it that doesn't feel like home. 
Sharing a house with 2 other families - it just doesn't feel like ours.

So I'm ecstatic to be moving into a place that will be more like a home!

We're moving to Traverse Mountain.
Though this isn't going to be our permanent house, it is going to be the first step in our permanent residence in good ole' Lehi, Utah.

I only have a few pictures, but you'll get the point of how much we're upgrading.
Grateful for a hard working husband!

Current Apartment:

New Apartment:

Things I Won't Miss:
-no disposal
-hand-washing dishes
-borrowing my father-in-law's washer every week
-sharing a [LOUD] house with two other families
-driving 45 minutes to work every morning
-driving an hour home from work every night
-burgundy carpet (fine, i'll kind of miss it)
-bright yellow walls
-carpeted kitchen
-waking up to no water

Things I'll Really Miss:
-my ward
-my nursery kids
-the cute little country bike path  
-living that close to the mountain
-battle creek falls
-the freakin' scenery

I'm going to miss being that close to the Mountains mostly. But it's time to grow up, I guess!

Goodbye burgundy carpet, hello Lehi Pioneers.
So weird to be closing this first little chapter in my life with Cole!

Since it IS Throwback Thursday and everything, let's do a quick tribute to this little apartment we've been calling "home" for the past year.

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