Monday, September 2, 2013


So, if you read my blog, or even know me a tiny bit, you know that I LOVE this little girl more than almost anything.

And, lucky for me, it's a mutual love. She "loves mnda." 

She also loves Cole.
Except, he's not Cole to her. He's "Coat."
She "loves Coat."

Every time I pick her up she says, "Where's your Coat?"
And every time someone calls me she says, "Was that your Coat?"

And man, is that one also a mutual love. 
He. Loves. Clara. 
And when they play together, it just melts my heart.
I can tell a lot of how Cole is going to be as a dad by the way he is with Clara.

Anyway, we babysat Clara, and her sister Bree last weekend.
And we FINALLY got to show them THE WORLD'S GREATEST PARK that is down the street from our house. 
…I think we were more excited about it than even they were. 
Except for the fact that when we drove up, Bree yelled, "IS THIS A CASTLE OR SOMETHING?!"
Hahaha. I think that's why I love Cole so much, because he gets that excited about e v e r y t h i n g.

(she's my best friend)

(you see why she loves him so much?)

(yes, she does look at him like this all the time)

(yes, i did marry a big kid)

Watching Cole with Clara makes me extremely eager to watch him with a kid of our own.
BUT, chasing these two crazy babes around for two days, without really even being able to talk to Cole at all, made me remember that when you become a parent, you become a parent forever
And even though I love Clara, and I love Bree, and I love Cole with Clara and Bree - my Cole-time is not something I'm ready to give up just yet. 

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