Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Deep Are Your Roots?

I'm going to do an entirely different post focusing on my birthday, alone.
Because I just want you to see how wonderfully wonderful my husband and family are!

But I just wanted to a quick post about my conversation with my dad on my birthday.
Because he is brilliantly brilliant.

Dad: Happy birthday little one! See you in a few hours to celebrate. Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter. You are a great example to me. It is such a pleasure for me to see you grow and mature. Not sure why I was chosen to be your father, but I sure am grateful. Thanks for being such a wonderful example of faith to your brothers. I love you. 

Amanda: Thanks for making me cry at work in front of people! I LOVE YOU!! Thanks for helping me become THIS 21-year-old instead of the 21-year-old I was on my way to becoming. Feeling so blessed this birthday!!

Dad: You would never have become THAT 21-year-old. Your roots are too deep. Your leaves me have forgotten what kind of tree they were for a bit, but your roots knew.

SERIOUSLY? So lucky to have a dad who is constantly filling me with the spirit and challenging my brain to work a little harder.