Friday, May 17, 2013


Bear with me while I rant for a second. 

Once you find out the church is true - you can't go back.
Once you feel the spirit for that first time - you can't deny that you've felt it ever again.

And it always, always continuously stuns me, that people who know that truth, sin and sin and sin, and then don't understand why their life isn't turning out the way they want it to.

Cole and I were talking about this last night.
He said:
              "That's the thing. Either there is a God, and every part of this Gospel is true; or it is all false. There is no in-between."

If you believe there is a God, then you have to believe the rest of it. 

You can't beg Him to give you what you want - and then party on the weekends. 
You can't cry to Him in Heaven - and then spend all your time on yourself.
That's just not going to work out.

And I'm so very tired of people spending all their time complaining about their lives, and spending all their time looking out for themselves, and then somehow being surprised that they're not happy.

So, I am here to tell you this:
There is a God.
And once you actually realize that - it scares you to death.
Because if that's true, that means everything you do on this Earth are just steps to get you back to Him.
And everything you don't do, is working against you.

It doesn't matter how often you bleach your hair.
It doesn't matter how long your eyelashes are.
It doesn't matter how many girls you kiss. 
It doesn't matter how many concerts you attend. 

But you just get so focused on yourself, you actually convince yourself that those things matter. And that maybe you'll be happy if look good enough, or if you have enough fun on the weekends. 

So here's my piece of advice for you today. 
Stop thinking about yourself, and maybe, just maybe, you'll finally begin to morph into the person He has been waiting to give blessings to. 
Because, right now? He's waiting to do His part, but He just can't until you do your part first. 

And sometimes you have to do your part for a long time. Sometimes you have to do it for 6 months. Sometimes you have to do it for 2 years. 
But that's the thing. 
You don't get to decide how long you work on yourself, before He decides it's the right time to put the blessings in your path.
You just trust Him. And you keep working. 
That's all.
Trust him, and keep working

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